Circus Funtasia review


Reviewed by Helen Wyatt

Wow, what a show! We had the absolute pleasure of seeing Circus Funtasia in Bideford this afternoon, which really was a joy from beginning to end. I’ve not been to a circus in a long time so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, except no animals of course. The website says we will shatter our belief of what is possible, so quite something to live up to but it is a family show full of talented performers from around the world, with something for everyone to keep us all entertained.

On arrival, it was easy to collect our tickets and we were carefully directed using the one-way safety system by helpful and welcoming staff. We were able to grab some quick refreshments first then headed into the big top. We were taken straight to our seats which had a great view of the ring. In fact I don’t think any of the seats would have had a bad view, as the tiered seating allowed everyone to see what was going on.

The big top was traditional in style, with a central ring and bright colours to draw the eye. The lights were low to keep the intrigue, while we awaited the start with anticipation. While it all appeared quite traditional, it was anything but once the show kicked off! We were treated to comedy from the duo Emile and Michael, the nerd and the boy scout, and they reappeared to keep us happy multiple times throughout the show, rousing the audience and keeping us clapping and cheering along. The most interesting thing about this show is that many of the performers were obviously multi-talented, and took part throughout the show in varied and diverse acts.

We saw such a huge array of acts, being treated to everything from juggling (with both hands and feet, cubes, rings and fire!), fire eating, trapeze type artistry flying around in the air on ropes, and even some magic, but my favourites had to be the wheel of death and the globe of death, both scarily named and rightly so! The wheel of death saw one confident performer walk untethered over a spinning and counterbalanced wheel, performing somersaults and even doing it blindfolded several feet above the hard ground! The globe of death went one better, with firstly two motorbikes whizzing around the inside at nail-biting speed and never once hitting each other, even though there barely seemed to be any space for them both. Not only that, they added a third bike at the end, and did it in the dark with disco lights! They were all completely on point and it was a perfectly choreographed but edgy routine, keeping us on the edge of our seats to the very end!

All the acts were perfectly tied together with fun song and dance numbers, and funny comedy bits, so the transitions were great – even the setting up and breaking down of the huge globe of death was incorporated into the act! It was a very creative show, very engaging and entertaining, and very much suitable for all the family, so you can take young kids grandparents alike.

I would highly recommend the show, so hurry along to one of the remaining dates in the tour to catch these amazing guys. They are in Bideford until Sunday 24/10 so don’t miss it!

Rating: 5 out of 5!
Tickets cost from £12 plus £1.45 booking fee.
Circus Funtasia is at Bideford’s Victoria Park until Sunday October 24th. For more information or to book tickets visit https://www.circusfuntasia.co.uk/.

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