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DartingtonCider1Dartington Cider

Reviewed by Siobhan Bridgwater

With the weather being nice and hot it was a perfect evening to taste these two delicious Devon organic ciders with my friends.

We tried:

Dartington Organic Cider Devon Blush 4% ABV – described as a fruity, lightly carbonated medium cider with added blackberry

Dartington Organic Cider Vintage 6.5% ABV – described as a fruity, lightly carbonated medium dry cider made from 100% pure apple juice.

Both bottles were clear glass so we could see the cider within and knew exactly what we were getting which we liked. The front labels were beautifully designed on a white background with clear, bold type and nice description on the back side about type of apples and where the apples were from and how the cider was made.

We started with the Devon Blush which was blood orange in colour and had a smooth and mild flavour. It was indeed a light cider and the added blackberries gave just a hint of flavour which did not overwhelm the apples. It was very drinkable and left a fresh, clear palate and no bitter aftertaste. We all thought it was a fabulous summery/spring drink which would also make a good accompaniment to food.

We felt it would be perfect for picnics and barbecues.

Next up was the Dartington Organic Cider Vintage which shared the clear, informative labelling, with the beautifully crafted logo. The design was similar to the Blush but different enough to avoid confusion on purchase.

The colour of the cider was clearer, sparkling and looked very appetising.

It had a great smell and the taste was stronger: definitely sharper and drier.

In conclusion, both ciders were very much enjoyed and catered to two very different palates. Cider connoisseurs may prefer the full bodied, authenticity of the vintage choice whilst the milder Devon Blush is a perfect light drink on a sunny afternoon.

Highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Available to buy from The Shops at Dartington


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