Dancemania 2014 Grove Theatre Review


Dancemania2014Dancemania 2014
Grove Theatre, Dunstable

Sunday 23rd March 2014

Reviewed by Sandra Mcghee

I attended Dancemania 2014 on behalf of What’s Good To Do presented by Street Dance Productions at the Grove Theatre in Dunstable. This is a local event which hosts over a dozen local schools and dance schools in the area including Dunstable College with the age ranging from 3/4 upwards to adults in mid-twenties as well as guest performers from London. Dance crews from the finals of the 2013 UK Street Dance Championships also featured and with diverse styles from street dance, hip-hop, popping and breakdance to contemporary and street jazz, it certainly proved to be a highly entertaining show.

The atmosphere in the foyer was one of real excitement, everyone keen to see their family members of all ages perform and there wasn’t a spare seat in view so a good sell out. The show commenced on time with an explosive opening from A-Stars. It was really good to see such high talent with each and every act that followed, such a good combination and variety of dancing with some very striking colourful costumes. It was obvious all performers had worked really hard in mastering their sequences. Each school showed fantastic choreography and a good selection of music and dancing both female and males who were all unique. There were lots of imagination and originality in each act and it was a pleasure to watch (the smiles on every performer showed how proud they were to be part of this show and there were no obvious nerves shown either). The audience gave lots of support to every act and all so proud to witness whoever they had come to watch.

Totally recommended for a lovely family evening out, especially for anyone who is keen on dance as there really was something for everyone’s taste, my favourite was some salsa, stunning girls in wonderful costumes cleverly put together and another was a young lad mimicking Michael Jackson, amazing and so talented. You will not be disappointed as the entire evening was explosive and action packed for an evening’s entertainment.

StreetDance2014Street Dance productions produce a DVD (priced at £13) of their local shows, which is a great souvenir for any performer to not only witness themselves but watch all the other acts too.

I would like to thank Street Dance Productions giving us the opportunity in reviewing this show (it was touching that Eric John the director of Street Dance Productions made an appearance at the end of the evening thanking all that took part, he and his team directed a great show).

The following is a list of participating schools that took part and would recommend you checking out whichever is located near you as I wouldn’t hesitate sending any of my kids to any of the local classes:

A-Stars, Aschcroft School, SD Productions, Warden Hill Active, Uproar, On Pointe Dance Academy, Rhythm Junkieys, Rayners School of Dance, Jane’s School of Dancing, Tenacity, Donna’s Dance, KF Performing Arts, 2 Steps and Dunstable College.

Next shows produced by Street Dance Productions (recommend you reserving your seats as soon as possible as no doubt they will be popular again):
Abbey Theatre, St Albans – Saturday 7 June 2014
Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage – Saturday 1 November 2014

Value for money: Very good £12.50 per ticket (5/5) considering the show went on for approximately 3 hours.

Check for local classes in areas ranging from Bedford, Luton, Hatfield, Northampton to name a few.

Street Dance productions are professionals who will come visit your local school to hold workshops/classes for all age groups, so check them out if you fancy some fun!

Rating: 5/5

Grove Theatre, Grove Park, Court Drive, Dunstable, LU5 4GP | Box Office 01582 60 20 80


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