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Create by Memorywall Review

Reviewed by Michelle Wright

Create by Memorywall is an ingenious craft pack which allows you to capture and keep memories and display them in a unique way around your home.

The kit arrived in a gorgeous box tied with a big red ribbon, with simple branding on the front – it immediately gave the impression of a very good quality item.

Inside I found a stencil of a butterfly, the butterfly template to add the images to, a large box frame with a Perspex window, an instruction card and a small bag including glue, scissors and a brush – everything we needed to create our very own Memorywall.

The instruction card was very useful and showed full colour images and words of how to build up the collage, and we were very impressed that including in the pack was a bag containing scissors etc… I didn’t expect these to be included.

My 8 year old daughter absolutely loved creating her collage. Over a few weeks Scarlett collected images and words from magazines, and we ordered numerous photographs of family as she wanted to create a masterpiece for her bedroom wall of all the things that were precious to her. As I was heavily pregnant when we received the kit we decided to wait until her brother was born so she could include pictures of him too.


We set an afternoon aside to create our Memorywall art. Using the butterfly template we initially stuck down the photographs using blue- tac… just to make sure we would not be cutting off anyone’s head when the stencil was added. When we were happy with this, we then started to add other elements such as words, messages, sequins, and images. At regular intervals we placed the stencil over to ensure the elements were in the right place. When everything had been added we secured the template and added it to the box frame.

She has done such a lovely job of the kit and I enjoyed spending to very important ‘mummy and daughter’ time with her creating her family picture which looks fabulous on her bedroom wall.


The stencils are available as a butterfly, a sailing boat and to celebrate a special occasion, a champagne bottle and glasses. They are a lovely way of capturing memories as you can add cards, photos – even more 3d items such as ribbons, buttons, bows, and are a joy to create.

For further details or to purchase your ‘Create by Memorywall’ check out their website or find them on Facebook.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £69

Available to buy from Create by Memorywall here.


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