Cool It Mama Body Spritz Review


coolitmama100mlCool It Mama Body Spritz

Reviewed by Kerri Chard

Revitalising “Cool It Mama” Spritz containing naturally derived ingredients has been developed by the Midwives at Natural Birthing Company with comfort in mind. It immediately cools, soothes and revives the face, body and mind with a wonderfully uplifting aromatherapy spray of pure essential oils, flower essences and hint of Menthol helping to relieve a multitude of woes from; pregnancy nausea and swollen heavy legs; to battling the “baby blues” and cooling hot and bothered mamas during labour.

It has been a sweltering summer and I was so grateful to have this bottle of instant relief in my handbag ready to cool me down. The freshness of Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and Grapefruit in Orange Blossom water with a hint of cooling Menthol delivers a completely refreshing experience for when you are hot and bothered. Thank fully because it is all natural you can use Cool It Mama as often as you like throughout pregnancy and labour. Although this has been designed for pregnancy, I offered the bottle around to friends and family on really hot days and they too enjoyed the relief and soothing scent of Cool It Mama.

The bottle is fairly large which is good if you need a lot of spritzing but it does mean that it takes up quite a lot of space in your handbag (depending on the size of your handbag of course). This won’t be a concern if you are packing a bottle into your hospital bag ready for labour.

I recommend Cool It Mama for all although it is slightly pricey in my opinion so it doesn’t get top marks.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £8.99 (100ml bottle, now easier to fit in your handbag)

For more information or to buy visit Also now available in Boots, Amazon, Superdrug and Look

4 Star

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