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Brain Noodles Review

BrainNoodlesDinosaurBrain Noodles

Reviewed by Sally Ellis

Brain Noodles come in a variety of 9 different packs including (to name a few) finger puppets, kittens, flowers and, the set we chose, dinosaurs. The idea is a simple one – giant fuzzy noodles (pipe-cleaners to most of us) in bright colours with an instruction leaflet that offers a few examples of how to create different dinosaurs.

The package itself is a nice design, made from clear plastic so you can see the contents and with a ‘Touch Me’ cut-out hole so children can feel the fluffy noodles. I have to admit that even I loved the soft feel of them and couldn’t wait to open it up! The box also contains various additional accessories to help give your dinosaurs character, such as wiggle eyes, stickers, craft foam and pom poms – these are great for little hands to add the finishing touches and my son absolutely loved how the tiny pom poms (the size of a match-head) just stuck naturally to the fur of the noodles. We had a lovely time putting them all over the dinos we made.

Creating the dinosaurs is quite straightforward and the instructions are very easy to follow. Noodle colours varied from some of the pictures, slightly confusing when I’m a bit pedantic about following things to the letter, but the range of colours made for some fabulous creatures. My son was upset when we had used them all up, but was appeased when he realised they could of course be reused again and again. The instruction booklet also included a few facts about each dinosaur – very educational!

My son did also catch-on to the idea of using Brain Noodles for creating anything you can imagine (part of the slogan on the box) and quickly designed a simple car out of the red one – a racing car I am told. It’s lovely that something so simple can lead to very imaginative play and encourage plenty of creativity – a timeless classic with a twist (no pun intended!).

The retail price is around £12.99, quite reasonable for the hours of play you could get from this set and I’d certainly recommend Brain Noodles as a fun item that promotes learning and which children will love to play with.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £12.99

Brain Noodles are available to buy from Amazon here.


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