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Connetix Rainbow Transport Pack Review


Reviewed by Sue Rumble

This Connetix set is a 50 piece bright rainbow coloured pack of magnetic tiles with three car bases which have rubber wheels.  The tiles are different shapes meaning kids can make variety of vehicles which are large enough to hold toy figures or animals to make endless fun and games.  The tiles can also be used on their own to build houses, castles etc and can be added to other Connetix sets which are available to give so many more options.  The tiles and car bases are very robust to withstand boisterous play.  The toy is very well made with non toxic plastic, has rivets for added safety.

The box that the tiles etc were packed in when it arrived is strong enough to store it in to keep all the pieces together.
An amazing toy giving children the opportunity to learn a great number of skills while they are playing.  These skills include creative thinking, maths, science, technology, hand to eye coordination and motor skills.  The box says age 3 plus but I think this would be enjoyed by older children too.

A great calming toy for children with special needs and autism.  The bright colours of the tiles are great for sensory needs and the magnetic force means that children are able to build easily without having to join bricks together. 

I gave the set to my grandchildren aged 4 and 9 to see what they thought.  My four year old grandson was very excited and wanted to build a long car with all the shaped tiles.  However, my 9 year old granddaughter also wanted to use them so we had to share the tiles out.  She wanted to make a house, then said she needed his magnets to build it taller and stronger, so they did this together.  A great playing together toy.  Once they had taken the house apart, my grandson continued with building the cars.  They really liked the magnetic tiles and were exploring how to put them together to make different shapes – a great maths lesson without them realising it.  They also used them to make patterns and shapes on the floor, so altogether played with the set for a good period of time.  It kept my grandson occupied – he often lacks attention for any length of time.  Grandad got involved too – making different cars to show my grandson what else could be done – I think he secretly likes it.  The magnets mean that this is a great set for children to explore building and construction as other sets need screwdrivers and spanners to join bits together.  A brilliant first building toy which has endless possibilities for creative play and educational input.

I would definitely recommend this as a fun, versatile and educational toy for children of all ages.
The cost is over £50 which seems a little high for the size of the box but the toy will give many hours of fun and activity for children.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £69.00

This product can be purchased from Connetix here

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