Kate Morton Homecoming Review


Reviewed by Maddie Reynolds

Homecoming a multi-million selling author.
A beautiful and captivating story of family and the lies we keep to protect our loved ones.  I loved this story from start to finish and was hard to put down.  I love being able to get into a good book, I haven’t read any of Kate Morton’s books before but have always been told to try one.

I was excited to be able to get into a good book, I read the reviews online and it did not disappoint from page 1 it had me gripped by this beautiful story of love.  I enjoyed how the story was told in different time frames, it was easy to follow, In a lot of stories told like this I get confused and have to keep skipping back to work out what’s happening.

The story is based on a small town called Tambilla, it’s a tight community and small where everyone knows everyone’s business, so when the tragedy hits the town, it has effects on everyone.  The first chapter starts on Christmas Eve in 1959 when a terrible discovery is made, and a police investigation discovers a shocking murder.

Then sixty years later Jess who is a journalist searching for a story finds herself back in Sidney where her grandma Nora lives, she has been rushed to hospital due to a fall.  Jess goes to see her and finds her confused and that this isn’t the first fall she had.  She had one in the attic on the steps, the place where Jess was never allowed to play, so she goes off to do some digging and discovers the book on the Tuner case Christmas Eve 1959, it is then she discovers that the case was not resolved and the connections to her only family.  And she doesn’t have a story she decides a cold case might be the best place to start and a great distraction.

The links between the characters and the detail on each character made it seem to go on forever and I feel the story would have been just as good without a massive focus on particular characters.  You sometimes felt like we knew too much of the backstories, and it would have worked just as well without this and made the book not feel so long.  Just when you thought you had got to know the characters, something happens and then you are back to square one trying to work out what is going on, which is what keeps you gripped until the end.

I would recommend this book and have brought a second copy for my mum for Christmas as she is a Kate Morton fan.
Rating 4/5 The only reason I am not giving it a 5 out 5 is that I thought it was too drawn out with some of the backstories of the characters I thoroughly enjoyed the actual storylines and will be definitely looking at reading more of her novels.

This book was gifted from Homecoming: A Sweeping, Intergenerational Epic from the Multi-Million Copy Bestselling Author: Morton, Kate: 9781529094046: Books
The retail price is £20.00 but is currently on offer on Amazon for £11.00 for the hardback here.

Rating: 4/5

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