Come With Me Mr Caffeine Travel Mug Review

MyCaffeineTravelMugCome With Me Mr Caffeine Travel Mug

Reviewed by Michael Burns

I recently received the Come With Me Mr Caffeine Travel Mug for review, a ceramic mug to take your tea or coffee with you. It arrived in a thick construction cardboard display box, nice and solid as well as being decorative enough for a present so would make a great gift, especially for Father’s Day.

It is a good looking item, felt to be a robust and solid even though it is ceramic, has a silicone lid easy to fasten on and fully dishwasher and microwave proof. It is white with a blue lid and etched on the front is “Come with me Mr Caffeine” and on the back “Seize the biscuit”. It holds a relatively small amount for the external size of the mug, as it has a double wall construction (200ml, about the size of a juice carton) but if overfilled it can leak slightly. It is of a solid construction with smooth edges, a lid of a good thickness and is very good quality.

MyCaffeineTravelMug2So now it was time to put it to some use. I filled it with coffee and it kept it nice and hot for a good long period due to the double wall construction. After finishing my coffee it was very to clean.

My only negative about this mug is that I would prefer in to hold more liquid but I will be using it again and would recommend it to others.

It has a very competitive price compared to other non-travel humour type mugs.

I would have to rate it 3½ out of 5, just because of the amount it holds.

Rating: 3.5/5

RRP: £12.99

Available to buy from Narborough Hall here.

3 half Star

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