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Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra Review

Reviewed by Katie Garrett

When the postman arrived with a beautiful box holding the nursing bra and accompanying information I felt like I was being spoilt rotten. The bra was well packaged in a luxurious branded plastic container which assured me this was a premium brand I was dealing with, it was easy to open and the bra was neatly folded inside. A small cardboard folder was enclosed holding information on the company, bras the company makes and also tips on breastfeeding. The information given to support breastfeeding is beautifully worded and empowering to women holding some really helpful reminders and hints which I thought was a lovely touch to include.

The Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra comes in 4 different sizes (S, M, L and XL), there is a handy table to help you work out which size you’ll be both on the box and on the website. I was slightly apprehensive when I removed the bra from the packaging as it looked small and I didn’t think it would fit me. Also it has moulded removable foam cups which I did think might make my breasts look silly. However once I tried it on it looked amazing. The foam cups hide breast pads and nipple show without being noticeable when being worn. This gave me added confidence when feeding out and about that I could be confident no leakage would show through too. The clips on the bra felt sturdy and strong, the accompanying information let me know that they could handle weights up to 60lbs which didn’t surprise me. I couldn’t feel the bra when I was wearing it, no digging in or tightness I have experienced with other bras in the past. It did lift my breasts and make them feel well supported though and I did keep looking at myself in mirrors as it gave me a really nice shape.

The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra looked great under my everyday t-shirts as it is seamless it doesn’t make an obvious outline while being worn. I had the orchid pink colour to try and it’s a lovely bright pink which is feminine and cheerful. Often I have found nursing bras to be purely functional and colour and design can often be an afterthought. However this is not the case with Bravado, I looked online at their other bras and they offer some beautiful designs which I’d love to also try. The website had a handy video showing how to work out sizing for their cup sized bras and how they used a two cup sizes in one to allow room for changes in breast size during pregnancy and feeding.

Bravado have a key letting you know which functions the bras best suit, maternity, the first 6 weeks, after the first 6 weeks and sleeping. The Body Silk Seamless Bra was the most all round bra by their code so I tried it both during day and night and would agree that it is comfortable and supportive for both times of day. I washed the bra following the washing instructions on the label and it washed really well coming out looking like new.

The bra came with a small clear plastic package attached to one strap. Inside this pack were instructions on how to convert the bra from a nursing bra to a conventional bra. It uses the shape of the B that the company use in their logo as the clips and provided simple step by step clear instructions with pictures to make it very easy to follow. I feel this feature makes the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra a really well thought of product. It makes the retail price of £30 really reasonable. I would recommend both this bra but also the Bravado range to friends looking for nursing bra as the product seemed so well made and so comfortable.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £30

Available to buy from Bravado Designs here.


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