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Reviewed by Meresa Bergin

I have always loved mustard, from an early age I would enjoy it with my grandpa on a range of things from roast dinners to salads, we loved to have it on hotdogs in the summer at the seaside.

I have tried a large amount of different types of mustard over the years but English Mustard has always been a firm favorite so I was eager to review Colman’s 200 year special mustard, it has the same great taste of Colman’s which is good on everything! With some awesome jar jacket designs from the original jars, I loved the Meat and Mustard design on the one I was sent to review.

Colman’s mustard is great for a first timer of mustard as it is not too strong but has a bite for those who really enjoy a kick, ham and mustard sandwiches really make a summer’s day in the park, you can also add it to a range of dishes to add a little extra, I love to use it in cheese straws…

I think everyone should try mustard and why not buy a jar of Colman’s mustard for the 200 year anniversary of this amazing produce and enjoy the designs that will remind you of a time long since gone.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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