Colin Fry Live Voices From Heaven Tour at the Victoria Theatre, Halifax Review


ColinFryColin Fry Live
Voices From Heaven Tour
Victoria Theatre, Halifax

4 October 2014

Reviewed by Debbie Tasker

Last night we went to the Victoria Theatre in Halifax to see Colin Fry ‘the peoples medium’ new tour, Voices From Heaven. I am a firm believer that there is somewhere we move onto when we leave this life so went opened minded and hoping for some concrete evidence from the man himself. Having lost 4 young family members (including my sister) last year, the thought either my mum or I would be contacted was exciting and also a little scary. Myself and my mum used to watch his TV series the 6th Sense religiously so we were expecting great things.

We took our seats in the half empty auditorium. The audience were predominantly female but there was a wide age range and waited for the show to begin.

Colin Fry enters the stage looking rather suave, he makes you feel relaxed straight away with his humour and great stage presence. There is a camera scanning the audience throughout and projecting it on to a screen at the back of the stage, a man with microphones dashes round the theatre giving them to members who seem to have a message.

In my opinion he chats too long about nothing really before actually starting to receive peoples loved ones from the other side. When he did begin all I will say is I was very disappointed. He gave around three messages and then it was the interval, before leaving the stage he brought his dog on and explained he lives in Spain now and is part of a rescue operation there and any donations would be gratefully received. Again I found this taking up precious time (you have to remember everybody there is desperate for a communication).

After the interval lots of seats that had been occupied were empty so I guess people had left. He came back and chatted some more and then had a question and answer session, I think he took three questions. He then begins to receive messages again. I have to admit he didn’t seem as hit and miss in this section and came up with some names and situations that seemed genuine? Around 4 people were picked out and all seemed very happy and comforted by what he told them. As the show came to a close he told a couple of stories of his own experiences and then it was over.

Colin Fry is entertaining if nothing else. Go with no great expectations and make your own mind up is what I would say.

Rating: 2.5/5

Colin Fry is on tour with Voices From Heaven until December 2014. For more information, tour dates and venues visit

The Victoria Theatre in Halifax is easy to find. We parked a couple of minutes away opposite Wetherspoons and it was free after 6pm. We were in the stalls and the seats were a little uncomfortable. The circle seemed to have the better view of the stage. Everywhere was clean and the staff were friendly and helpful. The ladies toilets were a bit of a nightmare – 4 cubicles but 2 were out of order resulting in big queues. Prices were reasonable. The building is quite spacious so there is plenty of room for pre-show drinks. For more information or shows at the Victoria Theatre visit,

Victoria Theatre, Fountain Street, Halifax HX1 1BP | Box Office: 01422 351158

2 half Star

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