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CoachiesLickTreatCoachies Lick Treat

Reviewed by Karen Crielly

I received the Coachies Lick Treat Chicken flavour for my dog Buster to try.

Following the instructions on the outside to Shake It, Open It and Lick It (though left that last instruction for dog!). This treat looks like a roll on deodorant and works on the same principle, in that the liquid inside is only dispensed when the ball is rotated.  So the style of packaging makes it easy and mess free to just pop in your pocket or bag or have in the car without the normal crumbs.

It has a lovely strong but pleasant smell of roast dinner and gravy, and I had high hopes of Buster being tempted by this unusual treat. Buster was unsure as to what he was supposed to do with it, so after several half-hearted licks at the roller ball, where he didn’t seem to turn the ball to get more of the gravy he turned and backed away from it. Despite repeated attempts to tempt him to try again he sadly shied away from it when offered.

I’m not sure if he just didn’t like the taste or smell of the gravy or that he was simply confused as to why he was having to lick at a ball rather than having something to chew on, but sadly my big old boy just would not give this treat the time of day though my cat liked it! Sadly would not buy again.

3/5 stars as great idea… just not for my pooch….

Each Coachies Lick Treat has 1 calorie per 8 licks so is a great low calorie treat for your dog. Each bottle contains approx. 500 licks and 100% natural.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £4.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

3 Star

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