Cirque The Greatest Show At Leicester Curve Theatre Review


Yesterday I attended the matinee performance of “Cirque – The Greatest Show” at the Curve theatre in Leicester.

The theatre was easy to find with signposting near the venue to help us to find the entrance. We arrived in Leicester by train, and it was a very short walk to the venue. The theatre itself is lovely – very bright and open with long windows all around with clean, well-stocked toilets (including accessible toilets) and a lovely bar with lots of snack options at the interval, such as ice cream and crisps. The theatre was accessible with ramps for wheelchair users and able-bodied visitors alike. The seats were comfortable and a good size. There was a good amount of width on the seat and at 5’8”, I’ve struggled in some theatres for leg room, however I had no such problem at the Curve, and had plenty of room to stretch my legs. Staff were friendly and helpful. Naturally, as with all theatre shows there were some queues at the interval, but they moved quickly and prices were reasonable.

We sat in the circle, 4th row back, and our view was fantastic. The seats were tiered nicely so that I barely noticed the people in front of me, and there was never an issue with our view of the stage, whatsoever. The price for the tickets was good considering the level of talent that we got to see. It was also a good length of time, my mother has quite a short attention span, but was gripped from beginning to end. From this, I can imagine it would be quite similar for children. The interval was 15 minutes, providing the perfect amount of time to get a drink, snack, use the loo and make it back to the seat with plenty of time before the performance restarted.

The performance itself was extraordinary. It offered new, exciting performances, somewhat different to the usual theatre experience. The performers were extremely talented – in particular the aerialists, who really stood out. Moreover, I never thought juggling could be so impressive before this performance! The level of talent was outstanding and had me gripped throughout. The performance would be suitable for all ages from small children aged from about 5 through to adults. The music was varied and gave a bit of everything, and there were lots of popular songs to enjoy alongside the other acts. We were thoroughly engaged throughout the performance and we had never seen anything like it! I also found the lighting very impressive – it really was fantastic and made the performances even more compelling. The atmosphere in the audience was good, as you could hear and see that people were clapping along, and clearly enjoying the show.

Having not known of this particular theatre before, I will definitely be returning to the venue in future. I would highly recommend a trip to see “Cirque”, particularly to those who are fans of other shows such as “The Greatest Showman”. However, my mother had not heard of most of the songs before, but still loved it all.

I highly recommend this thoroughly entertaining, magical, and memorable experience to anyone. 5/5. Superb!

Rating: 5/5

Tickets cost from £15 for concessions.
Cirque, at Leicester Curve theatre, Rutland Street, Leicester LE1 1SB.
Running from 30th May to 2nd June 2024.
For more information, or to book tickets, visit https://www.curveonline.co.uk/whats-on/shows/cirque-2/

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