Chuckling Goat Wake-Up Magic Cleanser Review


ChucklingGoatWakeUpMagicCleanserChuckling Goat
Wake-Up Magic Cleanser
for hands and body (Lemon)

Reviewed by Sally Ellis

On receiving a bar of Chuckling Goat’s Wake-Up Magic Cleanser for hands and body (lemon) – to give it its full title – I was first rather smug to have such a divine smelling item and proceeded to sniff it regularly for a few hours. I’m not ashamed, it smells completely delicious and being as I wasn’t planning to wash my face until the evening, I was certainly going to enjoy the scent in the meantime!

I have been doing my research and was very pleasantly surprised to read such a compelling story on the website ( about a family who started out with just one goat in a bid to use the milk to help with their son’s asthma. This led to finding other recipes for goat milk and long-story-short, cures for other family ailments (including an astounding life-saving episode) and expansion into a big business with lots of adorable well cared-for goats to provide the integral ingredients. Since I also suffer from asthma, I am sorely tempted to start trying the goat milk and probiotic kefir (friendly bacteria from what I understand) to help with that, but in the meantime, my experience of the Wake-Up Magic Cleanser has definitely been positive.

My eczema means that I have quite complicated skin, particularly dry and prone to outbreaks depending on the weather, diet etc… so I generally avoid harsh soaps and often wash my face with just water, which isn’t ideal. This cleanser however, contains no chemicals, just a few natural ingredients (including goat milk, kefir, coconut oil, palm oil and olive oil), so I felt no concerns about it drying out my skin. I have to admit that there is, understandably, a slight smell of milk, not entirely masked by the lemongrass essential oil, and that was a bit strange. Nonetheless, I got the distinct feeling of giving my skin a treat and if Cleopatra was happy to bathe in ass’s milk, who was I to question the benefits of goats’ milk?!

I think I’d need to use it for a prolonged period to feel a very marked change in my skin condition (I’m hopeful it can clear some recent eczema patches), but for now, I am happy with the results and pleased with the natural ingredients that are likely adding moisture while cleansing. A lovely product and a brand that is clearly trustworthy, dedicated and driven by a desire to provide natural remedies. Their numerous awards, including Best Problem Skincare Product for their Break-Out Magic Cleanser and Lotion set in the Janey Lee Grace Platinum Awards, speak for themselves!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £3.95

Available to buy from Chuckling Goat here.

4 Star

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