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Christmas Gifts for Sports Fans from Sundried Review

Reviewed by David Savage

We are big fans of Sundried products here are What’s Good To Do and we love their eco-friendly and sustainable sporting apparel. Sundried have some fantastic products that would make great Christmas gift ideas for the more active amongst us, and we were lucky enough to be asked to try a couple of them out. The first product we tried out was Sundried’s Weekly Cycle Socks (RRP: £50). That’s not to say that it’s a pair that you wear for a week (yuck!), rather it is a gift-boxed set of seven pairs of very jazzy socks designed for sporty folks.

The quality of the socks is evident as soon as you open up the packaging – the material they are made from feels tight and supportive, like the socks would never slouch down or bunch up. I loved that you can’t feel any seams at all in the socks, which makes them far more comfortable to wear whilst cycling, walking or playing sports and won’t chafe or rub your feet.

I loved the snazzy patterns on these socks, each pair is completely different and there’s a good mixture of colours in the pack. I also loved how two of the pairs don’t actually match each other and have some unique detailing – I think they’re great fun and definitely something that’s very giftable. They are available in two sizes, S/M which fits a size 2.5-7 and L/XL which fits a 7.5-12. I wear a size 7 so chose the S/M which fit absolutely perfectly. They do look tiny when you unroll them from the box, but they are so stretchy, they fitted perfectly and very comfortably.

But sports socks are about much more than looks and as well as looking good, these socks perform fantastically too. I’m not a cyclist but I do a lot of walking and hiking so I know the problems you can get with sweaty, damp and smelly feet! The Sundried socks have mesh ventilation panels which mean that your feet can breathe and stay cool, which makes them even more comfortable to wear.

The socks have been brilliant – so very comfortable to wear, the double reinforced cuff at the top has meant that they haven’t fallen down or slouched at all and they are so very supportive, they really are a joy to wear. They have kept my feet cool and dry with no blisters and I really do love them – they’d be the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys sports and needs to keep their feet in tip top shape.

The second item that we were sent to try out was the Eco Tech Men’s Fitness Top (RRP: £30) which is made from an innovative new fabric that is completely biodegradable and takes only three years to be eliminated from the planet, as opposed to other fabrics that can take many hundreds of years.

The Eco Tech top is available in three different colour options: black, white and blue, and we were sent the blue one to try out. The blue is a lovely light blue shade and I thought it was quite unusual. Lots of sports clothes are black, white or very vivid colours, so having something that was a lighter shade made a nice change.

The top is a crewneck style short sleeved t-shirt which is especially designed with performance in mind. The Eco Tech material feels incredibly soft and light yet it has an incredibly premium feel. Like lots of Sundried’s other sportswear, the top features sweat wicking which should leave you feeling comfortable and dry after your work out.

I loved how the four-way stretch properties of the t-shirt meant that I could move completely freely whilst wearing it; it was so light and comfortable it was almost like I wasn’t wearing anything at all! Again, I think this top would make a fantastic Christmas present for someone who enjoys exercise and being active, and even more so if they are environmentally conscious and are aware of the issues surrounding sending so much to landfill.

If you are looking for something unique for the active people in your life (or maybe yourself) that is eco-friendly, biodegradable, sustainable, comfy and unique then you cant go wrong with Sundried.

Rating: 5/5

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