Chocomania Body Butter from The Body Shop Review

Chocomania Body Butter

Reviewed by Natalie Copson-Mayo

The pot that the body butter came in was very hard, so there was no way the product could get damaged, which is good. It had a screw lid screwed on quite tightly so that it wouldn't come loose, although it was easy enough to open. It is made out of plastic, which is widely recyclable. There is also a lot of information on the pot, such as ingredients, origin of ingredients, the weight of the product amongst other things. The only negative I can think of with the packaging is that it doesn't look very exciting. It's a very dark brown, which is understanding because it's chocolate flavour. The picture on the front looks like it's of grated chocolate, and at a glance I keep thinking that it's the label peeling off as it looks a bit messy.

The body butter has a very strong odour, which at first I didn't like at all, but I did warm to it and now I love it. It's a lovely colour, making it seem fresh. It feels very nice on the skin and after one or two applications it made my skin feel a lot smoother than I originally expected. There weren't instructions as such, just advised that it's not for facial use.

Overall I was very pleased with the product. I would certainly recommend it.

Rating: 5/5

Availalble to buy from The Body Shop here.

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