Childs Farm Grapefruit and Organic Tea Tree Products Review


Reviewed by Melody Floyde

I was very happy to be asked to review some of the hand care products from Childs Farm as currently, due to the Covid-19 situation, we are going through a multitude of different hand washing products and moisturisers at a rapid rate with varying degrees of success, so I was keen to try some new ones out.
I have seen Childs Farm products in the baby & children’s toiletries sections in the shops and have always fancied trying them but never got around to buying them, so this was a real treat. The Childs Farm products are developed for all skin types meaning that they can be used on babies and children who have very sensitive skin or are prone to Eczema and they are also good for adults too. Having had a quick look on the website I can see it is full of lovely products with amazing sounding fragrances which I would love to try out!
I was sent some products from the Grapefruit and Organic Tea-Tree range, namely Moisturising Hand Wash, Moisturiser and Moisturising Handcream. The hand wash and moisturiser came in 50ml bottles which will be ideal for taking away on holiday, or for packing in my children’s school bags. They do also come in larger sizes. The hand cream is in a squeezy 75ml tube.
Firstly the products smell wonderful, they have a lovely fresh and fruity fragrance from the tea-tree oil and grapefruit and this is really appealing. As Tea-Tree is a natural antiseptic with anti-bacterial properties it means that the products are great for ensuring hands are germ free, whilst avoiding using artificial products.
The hand wash was really easy to use and very light, it lathered up well and left our hands feeling lovely and clean, and smelling delicious. We have all noticed our hands have become sore and dry from using various different hand washes recently, but this hasn’t been the case with the Childs Farm one. The hand wash contains glycerin which is hydrating for hands, and also cleansers which are derived from coconuts that ensures hands are cleaned deeply but gently. I would highly recommend this and am planning on buying a larger bottle for my family to use at home.
The moisturiser, like the hand wash, is very light and easy to use. It rubs in very easily and left our hands feeling lovely and soft. The moisturiser contains both Cocoa butter and Shea Butter which are naturally derived, alongside glycerin and help to lock in moisture. The moisturiser is also PH balanced to minimise the risk of irritation so is even suitable for newborn babies.
Finally I tried the Moisturising Hand Cream, which again was very light and easily absorbed and left my skin feeling lovely and soft and wonderfully fragranced. I did struggle to see any difference to the Moisturiser only that it was much easier to use in the squeezy tube and will be easy to pop into my handbag or the children’s school bags for them to use.
I also really liked the simple but attractive designs of the bottles/tubes for the products. I particularly liked the hand prints on them – which clearly showed they are for use on the hands! Although the moisturiser could easily be used on other areas of the body as well.
Another positive is that all the bottles are fully recyclable when finished, and the hand cream tube is also made from 50% recycled plastic.

Overall I have been very impressed with these Childs Farm Products and I am definitely going to try out more of their products in the future. I highly recommend these hand products for anyone who suffers with sensitive skin, particularly with the high levels of hand washing required at this current time!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £2.00 – £7.50

This product can be purchased from Childs Farm here

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