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CelticPatternPocketWatchCeltic Pattern Pocket Watch


Reviewed by Adrian Osbourne

This lovely pocket watch has a traditional Celtic pattern inscribed on its outer cover. It is made of a silver metal and is a size that comfortably fits in the palm of the hand. It is not too heavy in weight, yet is substantial enough to ensure the quality of the product shows through. The rear of the watch is plain and could easily carry a personal inscription on it for added sentiment, if the item was being given as a present.

Upon opening the watch, the face that greats you is very clear and easy to read, even with a quick glance. It is traditional in design and the number set is bold, yet has a beautiful type set used to give the watch face an appealing and pleasant look to it. The inside of the lid is also very ornate and beautifully crafted with an interesting design, that also adds to the feel of the item.

The time piece keeps excellent and precise time with its Quartz movement. Over the period I have had the watch, it has not needed adjusting at all. It is also silent, so you don’t even know it is open or in use.

The item comes with a silver coloured chain that is a good length and quality. To attach the chain there is a clasp on either end and the traditional end bar to keep the item in place when placed through a button hole on a jacket.

The watch is an item that is both practical and impressive. It would make an excellent gift for anyone or especially someone who, like myself, likes to know the time, but does not like wearing a traditional round the wrist type of watch.

I would recommend this item to anyone looking for a special gift for Xmas or a birthday or any other special occasion. It is a bit different to the standard type of gift you might get, yet one that I am sure anyone who received it would be very grateful to receive and proud to wear and own. I love mine and have taken to wearing it daily.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £36

Available to buy from butakilt.com here.


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