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Carddies Farm and Carddies School Review


Reviewed by Alice Dixon

This week we were sent a toy to review called Carddies which are a colouring activity that are in a small box. This was a cute little activity to keep my son occupied over the school holidays.

There are lots of Carddies in the range. We received the Farm set and the School set. Each little Carddies box comes with a scene to colour in which can stand up that has space on the back to think up and write names for the characters. There is also a range of characters to colour in and play with. Each character has a front and a back to it to colour and then there are small plastic stands to hold the characters up. For example our farm set came with a farmer and a range of farm animals such as pig, cow, horse etc and the school set had a teacher and pupils. Each box also contains the colouring pencils needed. Each set comes with twelve characters, one scene, twelve stands and twelve coloured pencils.

When I first opened the Carddies I thought that it was very small and perhaps would not hold my son’s attention for very long. At a retail price of £8.99 I thought this was a little overpriced for what is essentially colouring pages and pencils. However I was pleasantly surprised that this really took hold of my six year old son’s attention and we spent an afternoon carefully colouring each person and also talking about the animals and making up stories for them. My son really liked that each character had a back to them and he was making sure to match the colours up he’d used on the front. He also really enjoyed thinking up names for the characters and writing them on the scene.

The scene and characters themselves are very high quality, they are made of thick sturdy card and the stands are plastic and easy to slot onto the characters. The pencils are also good quality and small,so ideal for littler hands.

Overall we really enjoyed playing with the Carddies. I would say they would make a great gift for children for any occasion – whether it be a birthday, a Christmas or an alternative Easter gift. They are also small and fit through our letter box so ideal if you are wanting to post a gift. I still think £8.99 is a bit pricey but I can’t fault the quality and it did make my son very happy.

There are lots of other Carddies in the range including Fairies, Pirates, Family and Nativity.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £8.99

This product can be purchased from Carddies’ store at  (use Carddies Ltd’s all year round LOVECARD discount code at the checkout)

Carddies are also available at £8 per set via Mama Brown & Co, a marketplace run by a mum.

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