Captain Fantastic Toddler Sessions Review


Reviewed by Laura S

Since the closure of pretty much everything since March due to Corona Virus, my 3yr old has found it really difficult that her usual routine which includes nursery, playgroup and socialising with friends suddenly stopped. The lack of social interaction has been tougher for her then I imagined it would be.

When I was asked to review Captain Fantastic monthly toddler subscription I was so excited for my 3year old. Maybe we could bring some form of normality back to her life but via Zoom. I never thought she would know what Zoom was until she was much older or that it be a regular feature in her life.

The Captain Fantastic toddler Zoom classes happen every Friday from 10:00-10:30. A single session is £4 or £10 for a month with no additional cost for siblings. The classes are aimed at 18m-4 years.

Captain Fantastic & George (monkey puppet) sent a welcome message before our first session which was helpful to familiarise ourselves with them both. Great for a shy child.

A couple of days before each session you receive the link to join the session on a Friday.  I regularly use Zoom & was worried that we wouldn’t be able to hear Captain Fantastic due to all of the sounds of excitement from the toddlers taking part. I had no need to worry, it was all in hand. All the mics are on mute unless Captain Fantastic want to speak to you & unmutes you.

The sessions are very high energy with lots of singing, movement/dance, music, puppets, silliness and more. The adults can join in if they wish.
The entertainer was so professional and had the children engaged from start to finish with his funniness.
If you had a song request for example you can type it into the feed for Captain Fantastic to see.

Once the session is fully underway you almost forgot you are in your own home & taking part over Zoom.

I think these sessions are amazing value for money at £10 per month (especially with no extra fee for siblings). Before lockdown, I would pay £8 for a similar session local to me for 30mins. Plus an additional £6 if I needed to take her sibling along too. My daughter was kept entertained throughout and loved the singing and dancing. She liked that she could see the other children also taking part.

I still prefer face to face sessions mainly due to a change of scene but would definitely subscribe to these sessions in the future. They are stress free & so easy to set up. I could quickly pop out of the room knowing that she was entertained & not up to mischief. I think they are particularly useful for days when Grandparents provide care or you want something fun to do without leaving home.

I just wish I had known about the session since that start of lockdown as she loves them so much and looks forward to each one.

Captain Fantastic offers a range of activities such as: virtual parties with many different themes, wellbeing sessions, YouTube videos and merchandise.

Overall I give Captain Fantastic toddler seasons 5/5

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RRP £10 for 1 month subscription

For more information, please visit the Captain Fantastic website here.

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