Captain Fantastic I’ve Got You Book Review


Reviewed by Sarah Bryan

Captain Fantastic – I’ve Got You. Written by Tommy Balaam and Illustrated by Daniel Howard.

Having experienced firsthand, an incredibly amazing children’s birthday party hosted online by Captain Fantastic, my two girls aged 3 and 6 were so excited to be able to read a book featuring some of their favourite characters brought to life and brilliantly depicted in the first of a collection of stories, written by the mastermind behind the Captain Fantastic and the Wonder Crew enterprise; Tommy Balaam. For those who haven’t yet heard of Captain Fantastic; this highly successful and professional company offer everything from hosting children’s birthday parties (both in person and virtually) to wellbeing assemblies and corporate events among many more things.

I’ve Got You is a delightful, heart warming story that is easy to read, flows nicely and according to my 6 year old “makes you feel all fuzzy inside”.  The illustrations by Daniel Howard are beautifully detailed and with a mixture of brave quests and tender moments, his images bring the book to life. The book layout and use of font size and colour make it comfortable on the eye at low light levels (finally a book without black text on a blue background!) Its soft back cover and 8” x 10” size makes it ideal for small hands to hold and navigate.

I’ve Got You is a pleasing and enjoyable read; littered throughout with space themed wording, captivating adventure and lovable characters that children find easy to identify with.  The tale gently tackles emotions and explains the importance of sharing fears with those you love and trust. It is sensitively written with a feel good vibe as well as being packed full of out of this world fun!

This tale is as reassuring as a sweet cup of hot chocolate on a chilly evening.  It pulls a fluffy blanket around you and hugs you gently.

Our 3 year old especially loves the page showing Winston the dog as the hero swinging through the trees and this book is often chosen as part of our bedtime stories. She has also likened herself to Winston as she too feels scared of the dark and it has really helped us explore that together.

This book is suitable for preschoolers as well as primary aged children and is an easy read, our 6 year old enjoys reading this herself out loud to her younger sister.

I would recommend this book to anyone as a wonderful addition to their collection of children’s stories.

For those planning a birthday party with Captain-Fantastic; this makes a lovely gift for the guests as an alternative to the usual party bag rubbish we are all guilty of buying! To have a story not only to keep and return to again and again but also one containing the character you have seen and who hosted your party is really quite special.

Further info on Captain Fantastic can be found here:

I give this children’s book 5 very well deserved stars!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6.99

This product can be purchased from Amazon here.

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