Cadbury Christmas Treasure Box Review


Reviewed by Jane Warwick

This Christmas Treasure Box from Cadbury arrived swiftly in a cardboard box. The cardboard box had the words “Handle with care’ and ‘This way up’ on the side of the box in the top right-hand corner. The box colour is the trademark purple colour with a gold bow and the words Cadbury Gifts Direct written on each side. When opened, out came the treasure box made of fine corrugated cardboard again in the trademark colour of Cadbury, but this time, a lovely rich purple. How could anyone fail to think this was not Cadbury with this colour? On the top of the treasure box was a sticker saying Cadbury Gifts Direct. This sticker was easily removed to reveal the opening of the box. What a gorgeous sight to see for a Cadbury chocolate lover and I am one! Right on the top is a card with a Father Christmas with his finger over his lips indicating shush – it was hard not to squeal with delight. On the reverse of the card is a personal message in an easy to read type font.

What do you get? Bliss. I have already said, and I am happy to say it again, I love Cadbury chocolates. Delving into the box, I found a 360g bar of Dairy Milk inside a Christmas cardboard sleeve saying Merry Christmas; a cardboard box of Roses 190g, a cardboard box of Heroes (189g) which contain Crunchies and Dinky (Double) Decker (so Heroes have become even better). Also, a small Christmas selection pack with the usual (Chomp, Curly Wurly, Buttons, Fudge and Freddo), these can easily be devoured before Christmas lunch – I can hardly wait. These were not the only things in the box. There is also a packet of mini Snow Balls 80g (these are solid chocolate balls covered with sugar and dusted with icing sugar); two Dairy Milk snowmen 30g each and finally a Dairy Milk hollow Father Christmas figure wrapped in foil. All these were in perfect condition and to make sure this was the case, there is a small amount of polystyrene bits and purple corrugated paper in the box to help protect each chocolate item.

The only negative I can give is that most people are now aware of protecting the environment and sustainability so it would have been good to see a compostable logo on the plastic wrappers which covered most of the chocolates. However, I was delighted to see the Fairtrade Foundation logo on the chocolates as this ensures that the cocoa farmers and their communities get a fair price for the cocoa they produce.

Using the Cadbury Gifts Direct website, you can personalise the hamper you wish to send, with the chocolates you think the person prefers and as stated earlier, write a personal message for the recipient and choose your gift packaging.  The website is easy to use, and you can get carried away by buying more hampers than you originally intended to buy due to the fact there are range of prices for hampers from £10 to £70. The delivery charges vary depending when you want the gift to be delivered and which country you are wanting it to be posted to. This box is suitable for Cadbury lovers of all ages and will certainly produce a look of joy on a friend or relative whom you are unable to visit before Christmas and want to give them a Christmas gift which you know they will love. An ideal Christmas gift for a Cadbury chocolate lover as nicely packaged with excellent chocolate!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £10

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