Tile Mate Tracker Review

Reviewed by Jane Warwick

I have been looking forward to doing this review as I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to my keys and my phone. I put them down in a rush and then forget where I have put them, or I have them in my hand and whilst doing something they have, unbeknown to me, fallen into a bag or under a magazine. Consequently, I spend ages trying to find my lost items and my family do too, so they are hoping that this Tile Mate does the trick.

The Tile Mate arrived quickly in a bubble wrap envelope. Inside was a small square cardboard box saying on the front cover the words I wanted to hear “Mate – helps you find anything.” This is repeated in another three languages. On the back of the box, it gives you Tile Mate’s range in which it can locate any item and this is 45m. This sounds good to me as it is often around the house or garden that I lose things. The battery is replaceable (CR1632), which is not as good as being rechargeable, but I am pleased that I can be able to use the Tile for a long time and only have to buy a new battery rather than a new Tile Mate. On the back cover, it also mentions it is compatible with Apple App store and Google Play. Good news again, as I currently have an iPhone, so I am impressed so far.

I then open the box and I am greeted with the words “together we find” in 9 different languages. This is what I wanted to read!  Next I open the sleeve and the Tile Mate is nestling in the centre of a grey foam pouch. This Mate is white on one side with a silver circle in the middle with the word tile and on the other side it is grey. The tile measures 3.5 cm by 3.5cm by 0.6cm and has a hole in the top left corner. It is also light and has curved smooth corners, so does not catch on anything. It comes with a warranty and use leaflet and an instruction booklet. This Tile Mate comes with a one-year guarantee. I followed the easy to follow instructions in the instruction booklet. 

The first thing I needed to do was to download the Tile app from the Apple App store. This was straightforward to do. I had to give my email address and make up a password. I then waited for an email form Tile with a numerical code. Once I received this, I put the code into my Tile app account. This was all done fairly quickly. Last but not least, I had to attach the Tile Mate to something I do not want to lose. No problem there, my car keys. The Tile Mate fitted easily on the key ring and made very little difference to the size of the bunch of keys.

When trying to find my keys, all I had to do is open the Tile App and press find keys and using their Bluetooth tracker, this activates the Tile Mate which lets off a musical ring tone which is easy to hear. Once found, I press done on the App and the ringtone stops. What I also like about this Tile Mate if that if I have my keys but I have lost my phone I can press the Tile button on the front of the Tile Mate which makes my phone ring even when on silent. This saves me having to find my computer to locate the find my phone App.

A cunning little piece of equipment which can also be placed on a school bag, shoulder bag or your child’s favourite toy which goes with them everywhere. 

The website offers you a range of tiles and you can buy just one tile Mate or buy them in packs of four or eight so everyone in the family can have one.

It would make a useful stocking filler for this Christmas or a present for someone who is always losing their keys or phone.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £20 (Single)

For more information or to buy visit

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