Building Block Book Light Review

Reviewed by Michelle Llabani

A very handy piece of kit that looks stylish too.

I was very excited when a carefully wrapped and beautifully presented package arrived in the post last week with my name on it. In this age of impersonal internet shopping it was lovely to receive an item which had been hand wrapped in tissue paper. You may be thinking that this would mean that the brick light is fragile, however it is anything but! Once out of the sturdy packaging it quickly became evident how strong it is. The brick light comes with a clip attached at one end which attaches to the back or front 50 or so pages of your book. This then attaches to the sealed light unit by way of an incredibly malleable metal rod 12 cm long. On both the clip end and the light end the units are formed in the style of a very famous Danish building brick, adding a fun element to a very functional light.

The most impressive design element is the light element and casing, which allows light not only from the front but also both sides. This means you get excellent light coverage across both pages, meaning you can read quite happily till the wee hours with your husband sleeping undisturbed beside you.

The light comes in a variety of bright colours and is a must for any midnight readers who still enjoy the feel of crisp paper pages between their fingers.


Excellent product and excellent design.

Available in 6 colours.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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