BRYT Skincare Remove Review

BRYTRemoveBRYT Skincare Remove

Reviewed by Patricia Shaw

I don’t wear make-up every day and as such I have tended to use the disposable wipes or borrow friends’ make-up removers. Having thrown out yet another pack of dried up wipes I decided it was time to try something new which would hopefully be kinder to my skin.

With the BRYT Skincare Remove I like the colourful and modern packaging and the instructions, which are written on the side of the box, are clear and easy to follow. The solution comes in a 100ml spray bottle which is comfortable to hold and you can clearly see how much is left so you know when you need to restock.

I sprayed the solution onto a cotton pad and very easily wiped the make-up from my eyes. Next step was to spray the solution directly onto the rest of my face and use a damp BRYT Mitt to remove the remaining make-up. I didn’t like spraying directly onto my face and found it easier to spray the solution onto my hands. The mitt was easy to use and the thick elastic means that it is suitable for all hand sizes. This spray was more thorough, quicker and easier than using wipes and I preferred it to other make-up removers that I have used, especially as it is less likely to be wasted or spilt. My skin is very sensitive but this solution is very gentle and has no overpowering smell and it was so nice for my eyes and skin not to sting at all. The remover left my skin feeling a little oily but after cleansing it felt great and nowhere near as dry as usual after removing make-up.

Apart from being a remover which works well without stinging I like the fact that the “ingredients are kind to the environment, ethically sourced from fair-trade partners, sustainable projects and organic”. At £10.50 a bottle it seems a reasonable buy as it falls in the middle of the price range of similar products.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £10.50 (100ml)

Available to buy from BRYT Skincare here.

4 Star

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