BRYT Skincare Day Daily Moisturiser with SPF15 Review

BRYTDayBRYT Skincare
Day Daily Moisturiser
with SPF15

Reviewed by Sara le Roux

My initial thoughts when I first received the BRYT Day Daily Moisturiser were that the packaging felt like it was made from really good quality materials and was lovely and bright with an eye catching design. The box was sleek and minimal (and recyclable) so you didn’t feel like you were disposing of excessive packaging as is the case with some beauty products.

There was quite a bit of information on the box itself which put me off slightly as I felt like I was almost reading too much of the science that is behind the product. I did like that as you opened the box there were little reminders of healthy lifestyle choices such as ‘Remember… A healthy diet and lots of water…’ which gave the product a bit of a personal touch.

The container itself is very simple and compact, and would be something that could very easily be put into a handbag without taking up too much space. It is a clear container which makes it easy to see when you are running low on moisturiser and with a useful pump action you are never going to dispense more than you actually need.

The lotion itself is quite thick but very easy to apply and quickly soaks into your skin. The smell was a little strong to begin with but this soon dissipates. I did notice that my skin felt a little greasy for a while after application but not enough to make you appear ‘shiny’. Once absorbed the lotion kept my skin soft for quite a few hours without the need to reapply – this is certainly a plus given the retail price of the product. In addition, it was nice to know that my skin also had SPF 15 protection.

In conclusion, I would have to say that the product is of a good quality and would probably last you a fair amount of time. I think the price would probably put me off buying it as an everyday moisturiser as it is also supposed to be used in conjunction with their ‘cleanse’ and ’nourish’ skincare products.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £17.50 (50ml)

Available to buy from BRYT Skincare here.

4 Star

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