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Reviewed by Catherine Joyce

I love trying new skin care products so I was thrilled when I received the BRYT Skincare Cleanse, a foaming facial cleanser, as it is a brand that I have never seen before. The packaging is very eye-catching with brightly coloured circles on two sides of the box and plenty of information on the other two sides. I was a little disappointed that the label on the bottle wasn’t as bright as the box it came in as the brightly coloured circles look great and would certainly brighten up my bathroom.

There are clear instructions on the back of the box however it did mention using the cleanser with a BRYT Mitt which I didn’t have so I improvised with a Muslim cloth which worked well. As well as the instructions the box also gave a list of ingredients as well as a bit about the BRYT cleanser and how the ingredients are beneficial for your skin.

The cleanser is in a pump action bottle which was easy to use and stayed clean. The instructions are also printed on the bottle so you don’t need to keep the cardboard box it comes in, which is a shame as the box is very eye-catching. I found two pumps was adequate to cleanse my face and it left my skin feeling lovely and clean. It was easy to rinse off with a cloth and left a faint fragrance on my skin. The fragrance was most noticeable when you are applying it to your skin and has a gentle, clean scent. It is suitable for all skin types.

I found the foaming cleanser gentle enough to use both morning and night and will be looking out for the other products in the range.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £12.50 (150ml)

Available to buy from BRYT Skincare here.

4 Star

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