Britax Affinity Pushchair Review

BritaxAffinity1Affinity Pushchair

Reviewed by Kerry Hopkins

I was super excited to receive and try out the Britax Affinity pushchair. When it arrived I received three parcels, one including the pushchair frame and seat, I was sent the black frame, a black colour pack that includes a seat liner, strap pads, basket liner, footmuff and hood and finally the last package was a carrycot (also in black). The pushchair, colour pack and carrycot are available to buy separately and you can buy as a bundle.

Upon opening (ripping) all the packages open I was definitely impressed with the style and design of the pushchair, it is very smart and even my partner commented on its looks which is a lot coming from him!

The pushchair was simple to put together and I have to admit that I didn’t use the instructions to do this, but after looking through them to check folding instructions I found them pretty simple to follow. The fold on this pushchair, although I was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t one handed, is easy to do and is pretty compact for this style of ‘luxury’ pram, even more so if you take the seat off and fold the chassis on its own.

My partner and I were also impressed with the security/ anti-theft system that Britax have put in place for this pushchair, whereupon you register the special chassis number on the website so that in the future buyers can check online if the pushchair has been stolen. I found this process simple to do and did so with no problem.


Using the pushchair is great! I found it amazing to push and found it to be one of the best I have tried for the smooth feel and comfortable ride for my son! However one concern I did initially have is that the seat seemed to wobble a bit on when on the chassis but once I had a child in there it was fine and I had no further concerns at all. I am yet to try this pushchair off-road but with the rear wheels being air filled, although not having a ton of tread, and the suspension, I am confident it will cope well and will be testing this out in the very near future.

The seat is a great size and is perfect for my seven month old son who looks and seems so comfy in there! I also tried my almost three year old daughter in it and she fitted great too so have full confidence that this pushchair will last is through to when we no longer need one at all. Whilst talking about comfort, I also want to mention how comfy the seat liner seems, it’s so nice to have that on there for that extra cushioning and also for the protection of the seat from the inevitable messes! The seat can face both ways which is great as at the moment my son is at the time where mostly he wants to face me but there are times when he wants to face the other way to have a nosey at what is going on around him. It also has a good choice of four reclining positions, however this does need two hands to do which means you can’t do this whilst walking along and so far I have found it a little tricky to do but I think this may be due to the catches being new and stiff, I’m hoping this will become easier with time.

I am most disappointed that my little boy is not smaller so that we could use the carrycot that I received. It seems so sturdy and comfy and of a good size that I would be more than happy to put a new born in there and I did put my son in there and he did just about fit! I would definitely keep this to use if we ever did have another baby!

There is also the option to place one of a few of Britax infant car seats onto the chassis making this a travel system, however we do not have one of the compatible car seats so were unable to try this which was sad because this seems like it would be a great feature that would work simply if the ease of putting the seat on and off the chassis was anything to go by.


Finally I would like to mention the basket as this feature is very important to me as a mum of two who is a self-confessed ‘over-packer’ and I’m pleased to say it’s great, I can easily fit both the rain over (which comes with the pushchair) and my big changing bag.

Overall I think this is a great pushchair with a fantastic luxury look and feel and I would re on end this pushchair to anyone wanting a pushchair that does everything and looks great doing it too.

Choose the frame and the fabric colours to suit your individual style.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £425 Pushchair only | £535 Pushchair with Colour Pack and Hard Carrycot Bundle

Suitable for: 6 months – 17 kg | 3 years

Available to buy in a variety of colour options from Britax here.

4 half Star

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