Braun Series 3 3080s Wet and Dry Shaver Review

Reviewed by S. Rochford

I received the Braun shaver in a well packaged box which had a good explanation of how the shaver can be used, wet or dry.

I have always wet shaved using a traditional disposable razor. I used this electric shaver for the first time and was surprised how close and quick the shave was. Even under the hard to get places i.e. under the nose and the chin the shaver was able to do a good job with the help of the razor adjustment. The shaver can be used in the shower too and I found this very useful when getting ready in the morning. I always shave each day so this has cut down my getting ready time.

I have used the beard trimmer part in my side burns as I do not have a beard and it’s worked fantastically well. Very easy to use and clean.

The shaving head is easy to clean as the head snaps off with no fuss.

I have been using this all week and all with one overnight charge so the battery lasts nearly a full week (a 1 hour charge gives 45 minutes of shaving time and a quick charge is enough for one shave). I tend to travel for work so I will be adding this to my luggage in future.


The shaver has a nice blue colour to it making it attractive to the customer and is very light and easy to use. The price is a good reflection of what I would expect to pay for the quality of the Braun shaver. On the whole I am very impressed and would award the shaver 5/5 and recommend to anyone who would like to use one.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £139.99

For more information or to buy visit Braun here.


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