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Brainstorm Shark Torch and Projector Review

SharkTorchProjectorShark Torch and Projector

Reviewed by Linda Curtain

Well, I have just left a room of very excited children who have been watching sharks and whales swimming across the walls of their room!

When I was chosen to review Brainstorm’s Shark Torch and Projector I decided that the ideal place to use it would be in our dark, sensory room in the respite unit where I work with children with special needs.

This small, pocket sized torch comes with three discs which can project twenty-four colour images onto walls, ceilings etc… The torch can project images up to one metre wide and the rotating lens enables you to keep everything in focus. We were able to see fifteen different types of shark as well as some lovely images of the great white whale.

It is great that the torch comes complete with replaceable batteries so it is all ready to be used. The discs are really easy to insert and rotate. Because the torch is small and light, the children were able to hold and use it with ease. When used without the discs, the torch gives a very bright beam. This is a great fun but educational item. By using it in our dark room, the images were very vivid but the torch would also work well at home in dim light.


Brainstorm Toys is a UK based firm who supply fun, educational toys. There are various theme torches available like animals, nature, space and dinosaurs. I think it would be good if you could purchase the discs separately rather than having to buy a new torch each time.

The group of children I used it with certainly enjoyed seeing their room transformed into an undersea experience – I will certainly try another theme with them soon – I think dinosaurs would be a hit!!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £5.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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