Boutique Gifts Personalised My Family Discs Necklace Review


Exciting, exciting love new little treats for me to lift the mood.

Finally Covid restrictions are starting to lift and we are allowed out out, so the ideal time to show off my review necklace. The opportunity to review the Boutique Gifts Personalised My Family Discs Necklace came just at the right time. 

I was super excited to be able to review this unique personalised gift. Prior to the gift arriving I was requested to submit my personalised specification for the discs. I decided to submit three names for three discs,. I waited with anticipation for the package to arrive.

Boutique Gifts supplies an array of reasonably priced items which are visible on their website The website is definitely the place to look for that special gift. There are a vast range of personalised products for that personal touch. I will definitely be taking a look for gifts ideas and inspiration. The products they sell range from jewellery, bags, cards. Blankets, pens etc.  You will be simply spoilt for choice. There are many personalised gifts on offer via the website too. Take a look at their website.  There are such beautiful products. 

When the item arrived and was neatly packaged and inside there was a small box contains the exquisite necklace. The small box contains the necklace is ideal for posting onto the lucky recipient. 

Well the necklace itself will make a remarkable gift for any individual and, I am sure they would be over the moon and blown away by the sheer quality of the necklace. Likewise the necklace would be a great treat for yourself. I love the fact that it is completely personalised and the tags with the names in are very dainty but look fabulous. I have three tags in my necklace, and the colours of the discs are so complimentary with the silver chain. 

My discs are silver, gold and rose gold in colour. The gold coloured discs have 18ct gold plating and the silver one has sterling silver plating. and the names on them are very clear and easy to read and the names chosen fit well. 

I have worn my necklace constantly since it arrived and, I as so pleased to say that the discs remain in place when wearing. They do not flip over, therefore the names are always visible. I have worn the necklace to bed and showered in it to. Once again it lives up to the trays. The chain is not one of those cheap ones which sometimes sends you neck green. The chain standard is high and it looks lovely when you are wearing. I have received lots of compliments since so have been wearing the necklace. The necklace’s close is very secure and the necklace does not undo unless you are taking off.  The chain is 22 inches (56 cm) and silver in colour and in it not flimsy like other necklaces. It is lightweight.  You cannot even tell you are wearing it. I forget I have mine on as it is easy to wear.  This stylish necklace is most definitely my new favourite and it’s not coming off for a good while. 

Thank you Boutique Gifts. I will be recommending your products to my friends and family.

Rating: 5/5 truly fabulous ….

RRP:  £23.99

This product can be purchased from Boutique Gifts here.  

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