Bouncers at the Buxton Opera House Review

Buxton Opera House

2-3 March 2015


Reviewed by Lucy Lowndes

We arrived in Buxton at around 6.30pm giving us plenty of time to park up and collect our tickets before the production started at 7.30pm.

The opera house is very easy to find from the main road and well sign posted. We managed to park on the side of the road outside the park which is only a minutes walk to the opera house doors. Parking was also free as we had arrived after 6pm. If you arrive before then you will have to buy a pay and display ticket.

We entered the opera house and went up to the ticket desk, the man behind the counter was very friendly and sorted out our tickets straight away.

As we had arrived quite early we decided to go for a drink before the production started. Unfortunately the bar in the theatre wasn’t open yet so we called in at the pub across the road. When we arrived back at the theatre, it was about 7.10 and more people had started to arrive. We showed the very friendly assistant our tickets and she directed us to our seats, she also showed us the way to the bar and toilets. When we found our seats we were very impressed with the view that we had of the stage. Our seats were in the dress circles on row E, seats 8 and 9.

The opera house is a magnificent building with a wonderful decor. As we still had a bit of time before the production started I went back down to the foyer to purchase a programme for the evenings performance. This was a very reasonable £3.

The performance started promptly at 7.30. The stage had 4 beer barrels around the edge, a dance floor in the middle and the words bouncers in neon lights above. From the moment the four bouncers walked on, they had the audience captured with their comical dialogue.

The bouncers whose names were Lucky Eric (Robert Hudson), Judd (Adrian Hood), Les (Frazer Hammill) and Ralph (Chris Hannon) tell us the story of a night out in a Yorkshire disco in the 80’s. To tell the story the bouncers morph into different characters. They became handbag carrying teenage girls, plain Elaine was absolutely brilliant, 4 lads looking for a good time, posh men, punk men, cheesy club DJ, Swedish porn stars, scousers, burger bar man and radio DJs.

The way they used the 4 barrels to transform the stage into different scenes was ingenious. Placing 2 barrels next to each other to sit on in the hairdressers and barbers, stacking them up to make a DJ decks, placing them into a square to make taxi seats!

About an hour into the production there was a short interval, so we had a visit to the toilet and purchased some ice creams. We both had a small tub of ice cream which cost £2.50.

The second half of the performance was quite a bit shorter than the first half, but still just as good as the first. Throughout the performance they had us laughing out loud with tears in our eyes. One of my favourite scenes was when the bouncers had morphed into the girls and they were dancing around their handbags ‘trying’ to sing along to come on Eileen! Absolutely brilliant!

If you haven’t yet been to see Bouncers I would highly recommend it. It is a great feel good performance which I’m pretty sure most of us can relate to in parts.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Buxton Opera House, Water Street, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6XN | 0845 127 2190


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