Blood and Rain Review

Blood and Rain
La sangre y la lluvia
(original title)


Reviewed by Stacey Struthers

Taxi driver Jose begins his night shift bent on revenge after his brother's murder at the hands of a violent gang. But when an accident brings him unexpectedly closer to his party-girl fare Angela, the damaged pair must struggle against forces already set in motion, drawing them inexorably into the rain soaked underworld of Bogota, Columbia.

This film was definitely not sponsored by the Columbian tourist board! The film has pervasive strong language, full frontal nudity, strong sexual content, rampant drug and alcohol abuse and violence, some of which is graphic and disturbing. Not one for the family!

The film was a hit at the Venice Film Festival, received several award nominations and has since been compared to early Martin Scorsese.

Unfortunately, the gritty portrayal of corrupt police and the depressing underworld of Bogota, where life is cheap, left us cold. The film is well acted and shot. However, the character development was so lacking that we were indifferent to the fate of Jose and Angela.

This is a dark and disturbing film and not one I would be in a rush to see again but if you like Martin Scorsese would be one to watch. 

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