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Big Money by Ravensburger Review


Reviewed by Suzanne Collins

Myself, husband and two children – aged 6 and 9, were very excited to receive this game! The box itself is very attractive, bright and inviting. It is a solid box, that thankfully isn’t too large, which makes storage far easier than other games! It’s designed like a large stack of money notes, which I particularly liked. This is of course a hint to the focus of the game – making money!! The green and shiny gold make it stand out beautifully. My children especially like the catch line “Everyone gets crazy rich!”. The game is a fun mix of monopoly and yahtzee – both games that we love in our household!

On opening the box you will find instructions, a game board, 6 dice, 1 dice cup, bank notes – a mixture of 1, 5 and 10 ‘zillions’, biz news cards, start-up asset cards and gold backed asset cards. All of which are of good durable quality.

Working out how to play the game took a little time, but the instructions were very clear. A mixture of numbered instructions, images and game examples. Once the game board and cards were set up we were able to start play. Unlike Monopoly everyone starts with one start-up asset card and no money. As per the instructions, my youngest daughter went first, she rolled the dice and the first money could be given out! The dice consist of 5 numbered dice and an industry dice. You look at the industry dice first. There are 5 industries – sports, food, travel, entertainment and technology. These industries link to the start-up and gold backed asset cards. If a player rolls an industry that is identified on your asset card, you get a pay out! On my daughter’s first roll, ‘entertainment’ was rolled. This meant myself and my eldest daughter were given our first zillions. This part of the game is very much like Monopoly. I like it as even if it isn’t your go, you still need to pay attention to the roll, otherwise you’d miss out on some money! This was fantastic for keeping my children going and enthused throughout.

After the ‘industry’ money had been sorted, we were then able to move on to the Yahtzee element. (Editor’s note – this part of the game seems to have reminded the reviewer of Yahtzee) The 5 numbered dice need to be examined. Using the clear table, we were able to begin problem solving and strategy, of figuring out the best combination of dice, to enable the most money to be won! You have the option of rolling some or all of the numbered dice up to twice more, in order to get the best combination. There is a great example of how the rerolling works in the example. Once my daughter had figured out her best combination, she was then able to get her first zillions.

The third part to each player’s turn, after the industry/assets payouts and numbered dice payout is the option to buy a new asset. There are 4 to choose from, which are laid out of the game board. If you have enough money (they are each priced differently) you can buy one. Then on future dice rolls, if your asset industry is rolled, you’ll get money for it!

You keep going round each player in this way, collecting more and more money! The game finishes when the money runs out! The winner is the person with the most money. Totalling up the money was fun as my children loved working out how ‘rich’ they were.

This game promotes strategy, problem solving and money values (my eldest daughter was the banker). It is also really well paced. As indicated on the box, it only lasts about 30 minutes, which is perfect as my children didn’t once lose interest.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £20.00

This product can be purchased from The Entertainer here.

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