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Bibetta Orange Neoprene Lunch Bag Review


Reviewed by Hannah Chan

When I first saw the lunch bag I was really happy with how bright and attractive it was, my daughter instantly fell in love with it so it is really appealing to smaller children and a nice change to character lunchboxes that they want to replace when they decide they’re too grown up suddenly for that character. The quality is great, the neoprene is lovely and soft and bouncy and it is very well stitched. Neoprene is ideal for lunch boxes because of how durable it is and how it is naturally insulating so no need to waste other materials in making it. The handles are the perfect size for small hands but also a good enough size for me to carry it too. Plus it is the perfect size to fit inside my daughters school bag. I loved how it was all in one piece with no little corners where crumbs or smells could hide.
You can fit quite a lot into it despite it’s compact size and because it isn’t rigid the fabric stretches to accommodate the extra bits and pieces, although I did find that fruit wasn’t as well protected so if putting fruit in, bananas for example, then it might be an idea to give them a little extra protection in a box or guard.
The lunch box isn’t insulated because the neoprene works in a way to keep it insulated without extra layers however it can be placed in the freezer and the neoprene holds the coolness for a while, so it is great for things like yoghurts that will be eaten by lunch time. Also because of the properties of the fabric used, spills from drinks are contained and don’t leak onto the rest of the things in the bag. A feature I really love especially when my daughter has a tendency to drop her lunch box or not tighten the lid on her juice bottle.
We took the orange lunch bag on a trip with us to Drayton Manor, and to the park. On both occasions it held everything we needed it to and protected the lunch from minor bumps and being knocked against the wheelchair. Even though thin the neoprene works in a way to protect food and although non rigid it holds it’s shape very well.
Another thing I love about it is that it washes really well! You can pop it into the washing machine and not worry about water becoming trapped in the lining or corners because it doesn’t have them. It is also fast drying so when my little one spilled her yoghurt onto it, I popped it into the wash and it was ready for the following day without me having to worry about needing a spare.
The website is also a hidden gem and easy to navigate, lots of little ideas about lunches and ideas, I especially liked their piece on safe picnicking during Covid 19. There are recipes, and also handy guides to things like mixing Baby Led Weaning in with your routine. They really have written their blogs with family in mind.
They also have a fab range of neoprene bibs, placemats and changing mats which look wonderful and make good use of the properties of neoprene which is also used for wet suits! I particularly like the look of the placemats which are large enough to catch any spills on the dining table or when out and about like on the beach.

The only downside I found was the extra need for fruit protection but it was only a very slight downside as the positives more than make up for it.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

You can purchase this item from the Bibetta website here

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