Orchard Toys Colouring and Activity Books Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Wong

I’m that mum whose always on the lookout for really engaging activity books for my kids Whether it’s for long journeys, to keep them entertained in a restaurant or just simply something to do together. I’m incapable of walking past that book section in any shop without having a quick look for something that might capture their attention – and mine! So I was delighted to receive 4 colouring and activity books from Orchard Toys. They included a colourful mixture of titles including: Outer Space, Farmyard and Jungle which were ‘sticker colouring books’ and then Things To Do which is a sticker activity book.

As a parent the titles and themes looked great and definitely something I thought my children would like. Stickers are always a welcome addition to any activity book as sometimes I feel that kids get fed up of the same old colouring and writing. The colouring books are for age 3+. Obviously this is very much dependant on the child but for some of the activities a 3 year old would need a lot of help to complete them. Activities within the colouring books include: dot-to-dot, tracing over the letters and numbers, spot the difference and mazes. The illustrations inside are big and clear with thick black bold lines for children to colour inside of. Each picture can be coloured in and then there is a picture with it that has a matching sticker to be found and added on top. This is a great way to keep kids interested in each picture as sometimes I feel, that after one or two pictures my kids will get bored and wander off. But the sticker activity kept them wanting to try each picture and search for the associate sticker a well.

The Activity book was my favourite. This is for age 5+ and has additional activities such as odd one out, word searches, basic maths and guess the job. This is the sort of thing I absolutely love sitting down and doing with my child. Albeit in small doses as with any child their focus will often jump elsewhere. My daughter found this to be fun to do together and even completed much more than I expected as she was keen to turn the page and see each new activity.

Orchard are well known for creating fun and engaging games for children that can also challenge them without them realising it. I had no idea they do activity books too, which has been a great discovery for me. I love the design and the simplicity of them. The colours are eye-catching for a child and they are sturdy and hardwearing. Perfect for packing away for travels or keeping in the car.

They would make a great gift for any child. I always veer towards presents that engage children and parents in activities rather than plastic toys that don’t have the longevity. I believe that this is a present for both parents and kids for Christmas, birthdays or any other events. It’s that item that you gather around and talk about and do together; giving it so much more value! So simple yet so effective.

These books retail for around £3 each which is a great price for something that gives so much.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £3

They can be purchased from the Orchard Toys website here

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