Alcatel 1s (2020) Mobile Phone Review


Reviewed by Emily

The Alcatel 1 s (2020) mobile phone in Power Gray arrived in the typical mobile phone box with brief instruction, charger and plug and pin to open SD/ sim card slot.
I thought I would be organised and pop it on to charge till I had time to set it up as I have been caught out before with a flat phone but was pleased to discover it came with 50% charge so I could get started straight away.
The phone guides you through the set up and it was simple and stress-free including the biometric security features of fingerprint and face identification.
It is an android phone running on the android 10 operating system with the Octa-Core processor so I installed all the apps I needed through the play store.
The phone has a 6.22” HD+ screen which is a good size but still fits in a pocket and weighs 165g. The screen gives a very clear and bright picture when watching movies etc.
The battery is 4000mAh which is pretty good compared to many phones and this means it doesn’t drain as quickly to you can use it more before you need to charge it again really useful when you are away from home- there is nothing worse than discovering your phone needs charged during the day and you have to mess around with power banks! It takes less than 4 hours to charge from 0 to 100%.
The phone itself has 32MB of memory but within the sim card slot, you can add a micro SD card with up to 128MB of additional storage.
Alcatel have furnished this phone with great cameras- there is a 5MP front camera with flash for selfies then a triple rear camera of 13MP, 2MP and 5MP with flash and auto focus. There are many camera settings I’m yet to explore. The camera is set with AI to help you get the perfect picture!
I’ve not had long to really see how the phone works but my first impressions are great. I love the size and weight of the phone- it feels substantial but not bulky, even with a case on it. The biometric seem to be reliable and responsive. The screen graphics are very clear and the screen responds easily.
I am no photographer but have taken some cracking images of flowers in the garden with great clarity and detail. I’m looking forward to taking more photos, it has definitely inspired me!
I discovered by accident there is an additional button on the left hand side which is a google assistant button which is useful for finding out things quickly….my usual question is what is the weather?!?!
At £99.99 it is in the budget price range but has features you would only expect in the higher end price bracket such as biometric security, triple camera and 4000mAh battery. There is really nothing I can fault about this phone and would recommend to anyone on a tight budget looking for a decent smart phone.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £99.99

You can purchase this item from the Alcatel website here

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