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Bethy’s Bespoke Button Canvas Review

Reviewed by Marianne Rowley

When I saw what Bethy’s Bespoke Buttons was offering, I instantly thought of my mum. She loves buttons!! I contacted Bethy’s Bespoke Buttons using Messenger on Facebook (or click on message on the Facebook page). She was very quick to reply telling me she can do any design I like. She informed  me that the most popular seems to be a single letter as they are ideal for children’s nursery, she could also use acrylic pain and beads and she would give almost anything a go! I suddenly thought it might be nice to have something for the children so I thought about it for a bit and realised that I would have to pick 1 of my children over the other 2. Therefore, I went back to my original idea and asked Bethy to design something for my mother. She collects turtle and I thought it would be nice start there and to include her name or her initial. Bethy initially thought was that it might look a little bit childish but she had a go anyway. She also asked me what her other interests were and her favourite colour (to my immense shame I do not know what my mum’s favourite colour is).

This is the initial drawing for the turtle. I had to agree with Bethy, it was lovely but not grown up enough for a 61 year old grandma!


One of my mother’s hobbies is knitting, especially for her 4 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. Bethy  sent me the following:


She was very keen to have a go using buttons, beads and acrylic. I instantly loved it and thought that was so original and different.

She informed me that she will draw on the canvas that night, then paint it and let it dry over night. She would do the buttons and beads in the morning. She sent me the following pictures telling me I could change the colour if I wanted.


I thought that considering my mother has 4 grandsons and knits a lot of blue jumpers and cardigans, it was quite appropriate.

Bethy informed me she would send it Saturday at the latest. She sent it on Friday and it arrived on Monday.

I was very impressed with the level of communication I received from Bethy. She was very friendly and is obviously very artistic. I loved the fact that she gave me a few designs to choose from and she was happy to take on a challenge.

I would highly recommend Bethy’s Bespoke Buttons!

Rating: 5/5

Prices start from £5 to £30.

For more information or to place an order visit www.facebook.com/Bethysbespokebuttons.


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