Beefeater Priory Marina Bedford Review


Priory Marina Beefeater

Reviewed by Angela & Howard Davis

Once you’ve been to one Beefeater you would expect the next one to be the same. However each has its own identity and unique feel to it as well as its situation. The Priory Marina is situated next to a Premier Inn and as the name suggests near a Marina. Although being dark when we visited you would not have known you were near to the marina and water. Parking is not that good considering the size of the hotel and restaurant.

On arrival we were welcomed and shown to our table. The Pub/Restaurant was built 26 years ago and is starting to feel its age. In fact in many respects the menu has not changed that much in the 26 years of its existence. There is still a good choice of chicken and steak dishes as well as burgers and a few vegetarian dishes although not many. The one thing that has changed is the price and it is no longer a cheap place to eat. If you had 3 courses and wine don’t expect much change of £60 for 2 people especially if you go for the steaks. Most of the meals are served with bottomless chips which means you are offered a re-fill as soon as your bowl starts to empty.

The Pub/Restaurant has quite a relaxed and intimate feel to it and the staff were very friendly and the service excellent. Our waitress prided herself in telling us she has worked there for 23 years. The dining areas are partitioned in to small areas of say 6 tables in each and each section is screened off by an opaque glass screen. All in all a pleasant dining experience.

There is something about the beefeater experience that leaves you wanting to return again in the not too distant future which hopefully we will do.

Rating: 3.5/5

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