Bebelephant Baby Banana Brush Review

BabyBananaBrush1Baby Banana Brush

Reviewed by Kirsten Boyd

I was pleased to receive this Baby Banana Brush from Bébélephant for review because at 3 months it appears my second son is already teething! The Baby Banana Brush is a teething toothbrush for infants aged 0-12 months.

On opening the (frustration free) packaging I was pleased that this little bendy brush felt soft, easily malleable and did not smell unpleasant as some plastic baby products can. Its brush felt soft on my fingers and when rubbed on my baby’s gums he gave me a big grin and certainly seemed to appreciate it!

The handles on the side that are formed from the banana peel are perfect for little fingers that can’t yet grasp bigger objects and my baby was just able to keep a hold of it.

The lovely banana design also attracted the attentions of my nearly 3 year old, who took some persuading that it wasn’t for him!

So in all a lovely little item and very useful for teething – you have the ability to use it on your baby’s gums yourself or to let him do it himself, this increasing their fine dexterity and setting the foundations for more thorough tooth brushing in future years.


It’s bendable, soft and safe
Dental hygienist mum-invented
Gently massages gums and teeth
Develops good oral hygiene
Easy to grasp “a-peel-ing” banana handles
Flexible material decreases risk of mouth injury
Non-allergenic, 100% highest quality silicone BPA, latex, and phthalate free
Dishwasher and freezer friendly

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £5

Available to buy from Maison Bébé here.


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