Beamo MagSafe PodZilla Beauty Kit Including Beamo 12” Ring Light Review


Reviewed by Lucy Gwilliam

Nowadays, most cameras are proficient in capturing both still images and videos.  Consequently, a range of accessories have emerged to support this trend.  One such accessory is a 12-inch LED ring light with a 10-step light intensity adjustment you can elevate the mood with three colour temperature options: 5600K, 4000K, and 3000K.  There is full control with 10 brightness levels and a 1.7m cable for extended reach.  Unlike pricier alternatives, this ring light functions solely as a continuous light source without a flash option.  It can be powered by any 5V USB source, whether it’s a household power supply or a portable power bank for on-the-go use.

This particular light is specifically designed for smartphones and small cameras, including lightweight mirrorless models.  Joby markets it as the preferred ring light for TikTokers, and Mobile Content Creators, indicating its target audience.  However, it can also prove useful for indoor portrait photography or serving as additional lighting when using your camera when more light is needed.

This ring light pairs perfectly with the GorillaPod tripod kits.

This well-constructed light performs admirably.  It offers pleasantly diffused illumination and effective control over its output. Considering its RRP of £25, it’s a solid investment that is hard to fault.

The Beauty Kit comes with a PodZilla trip to attach to the ring lights.  It features a distinct type of leg that, in my opinion, is more flexible and versatile than other tripods on the market.  The PodZilla is a three-legged flexible tripod, with each leg measuring just under 25cm.  These legs are fixed to a ball joint and cold shoe.  This contrasts with some GorillaPods, where the ball joint is a separate attachment.  Whether this is advantageous depends on your specific use case.  The ball joint on the PodZilla has a secure screw lock, and a notch on the side allows for a full 90-degree bend if desired.

Despite the lightweight appearance of JOBY’s flexible tripods, they are robustly constructed with a solid aluminum core.  This has been a consistent feature across their products, and the latest offering follows suit.

The Joby Podzilla serves as an alternative to the widely recognized Joby GorillaPod, positioned as an upgraded option. For aspiring photographers, videographers, there are scenarios where a secure grip is crucial, and the GorillaPod legs might struggle on particularly smooth or thin surfaces.

Applying a bit of force is necessary to bend the legs of the Podzilla, given their aluminum construction.  However, this robust build ensures that the legs maintain their position effectively and offer increased flexibility.  This enhanced flexibility allows you to securely attach the tripod to even thinner objects, enabling you to capture the perfect picture.

One notable improvement I’ve observed in the PodZilla is the enhanced flexibility of the new mechanism within its rubberized legs compared to the older version.

In summary, the PodZilla stands out for its excellent quality and solid construction, while its lightweight design enhances its versatility.  The flexible legs enable mounting on various types of uneven surfaces securely ensuring it won’t topple over.

In addition to the PodZilla, the Beauty Kit contains a ring compact light that attaches to your phone. Ideal for content creators with an iPhone, the ring light can be easily and quickly attached to your phone using MagSafe to light up both the selfie and rear cameras.

The ring light additionally includes a built-in mirror, perfect for TikTok creators, with a flattering soft daylight-balanced light (5600K) with four levels of brightness control.

Joby’s highly portable ring light offers compatibility with any device through the provided sticky adapter.  However, its true capabilities and optimal performance shine through when utilized with its iPhone MagSafe compatibility.

Having a portable light source that can be used with both front and back cameras, along with the convenience of a compact mirror for checking fine details before shooting, is crucial for spontaneous setups and on-location shooting. This feature ensures that you have everything you need for capturing quality content in various scenarios.

This is an idea Christmas gift for teens and those that like to create content in the perfect lighting.  My 13 year old daughter has been asking for an upgraded ring light for Christmas and this is the perfect affordable gift for her.  She is very happy with how easy it is to set up and use and is pleased with the outcome on her videos and pictures.

Rating: 5/5.

The kit retails at £87.90 and can be purchased at:

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