Bare Biology Super Hero DHA Omega 3 Fish Oil Review

SuperHeroDNASuper Hero DHA
Omega 3 Fish Oil

Reviewed by Louise Platt

Like most mums I worry about what my kids eat and whether their diet is completely healthy and balanced. They (Lauren age 7 and Joel age 5) are both becoming increasingly fussy and as they get older it seems to get even harder to encourage them to eat well all the time.

So when I was asked to review Super Hero DHA Omega 3 Fish Oil – a fish oil supplement for children from 6 months to 12 years by Bare Biology – I was very happy to do so.

I know that Omega 3 which is found in oily fish is essential for children and is beneficial for our brains, joints, skin, nerves and immunity but it can be hard to ensure that my two get enough of it as they are not huge fans of fish.

It is recommended that Super Hero is taken at mealtimes as this helps with absorption and digestion. It can be taken “neat” or mixed into other cold food or drinks.

The oil is flavored with lemon oil and doesn’t taste fishy at all. To be honest, my Taste Testing Panel (Lauren and Joel) weren’t impressed with it when taken neat on the spoon and I would definitely struggle to get them to take this on a daily basis but Bare Biology recommend that for fussy types it can be mixed in with yogurt or smoothies. We did try mixing it with a smoothie and you couldn’t taste or detect it at all. It mixed in really well which I was surprised (and pleased) about. Their reaction has not put me off as I know this is good for them and there are other ways to get them to take it – (even if they are not aware they are doing so!!!).

I tried the oil myself and found it really fresh and “clean” and certainly easy to take and digest. It’s very light and the lemon taste was rather pleasant.

I really liked the packaging of this product. The logo is a shield which reflects the Super Hero name and this grabbed the imagination of my five year old in particular. There is a note on the outer box addressed to the parents and one to the kids which I thought was a nice touch and there is an information leaflet with the product as well.

The product comes in a 100ml blue glass bottle with a plastic 1ml spoon.

At the time of writing this, my kids have not been taking the Oil for a long enough period (3 days so far) to notice any benefit however I will continue with it for now as I would be interested to see if it does help with their concentration and energy levels.

Super Hero DHA Omega 3 Fish Oil can be purchased online from for £29.50 per 100ml bottle. Postage and packing is free of charge. This does seem quite expensive but according to the website one bottle should last approximately 3 months.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £29.50 (100ml), £132.75 (6x 100ml, saving 25%).

Available to buy from Bare Biology here.

4 Star

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