BAO Refreshing Face Wash And BAO Reviving Body Wash Review


Reviewed by Mrs_Taylor

I’m not great at experimenting with skincare products – mainly because I have used a face wash and body wash regularly that seem to work and I am always worried that if I try out a new face wash then it could leave my face red and blotchy. However I was incredibly excited to be able to review both the BAO Refreshing Face Wash and the BAO Reviving Body Wash as these products (and all of BAO Skincare products) are certified organic, vegan and cruelty free and made with quality natural ingredients.

BAO Skincare was born due to the founder, Beth, being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis in 2009 and wanting natural skin products which would work great on sensitive skin. She also went out of her way to get BAO skincare products certified and approved by COSMOS Soil Association and The Vegan Society which is fantastic. BAO Skincare have a wide variety of other products including a recovery face cream, hydrating rose mist and a restorative beauty oil.

First of all I love the packaging – the simple design is pleasing to the eye and immediately makes you think this is a good quality product. I tried the BAO Refreshing Face Wash first. This face wash is made with aloe vera and sweet orange and as soon as you open the lid you get the lovely scent of orange drifting out. The bottle is fully recyclable apart from the plastic pump. I love that if you get the 200ml glass bottle then you get the option to purchase it with or without the plastic pump so once you have one you can keep reusing it. On the website it says this is suitable for all skin types. I splashed my face and then lathered up 2 pumps in my hand before massaging over my face and neck. The smell of the product really is amazing! I then rinsed off the lather with warm water and patted my face dry. It was a lovely way to start my day as it left my skin feeling invigorated and smooth. 

The BAO Reviving Body Wash is made with grapefruit and papaya – again as soon as you open the lid you get this lovely tropical scent. I used a couple of pumps in the shower and with warm water this creates a lovely gentle lather. Afterwards my skin felt soft and also smelt incredible.

These are lovely products that you can tell have been made with love and not only feel great on your skin but also smell incredible. However the BAO Refreshing Face Wash is £9 for 30ml. I don’t mind paying money for great products however I do think it would be worth splashing out £28 for the 200ml glass bottle pump because 30ml just doesn’t last long – especially when you use it both morning and night (although on their website it does say to use 2-4 times a week for best results). The same goes with the 30ml BAO Reviving Body Wash – this would last me less than a week before I needed to get another one. However if I went for the 200ml plastic bottle pump or 1 litre aluminum bottle then it would be more cost effective and last me a lot longer.

Rating: 4/5 

RRP: £9 for 30ml Refreshing Face Wash and £5 for 30ml BAO Reviving Body Wash. 

These products can be purchased at BAO Skincare here and here.

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