Delph Sun Block Lotion SPF50 Review


Reviewed by Mrs_Taylor

Sun Block Lotion is an important part of anybody’s skin care routine – and even more so after the week of incredibly hot sunny days we have just had! I use Sun Block Lotion regularly and I do think there is a massive difference between the different brands so I was really excited to try the Delph SPF50 Sun Block Lotion and see how it compares.

The Delph Sun Block Lotion comes in a yellow 150ml tube which is a great size for carrying around. The lotion has a slight lemon fragrance to it which is lovely although this doesn’t last very long. There are directions for use on the back which is useful as it also says that using lower the level of protection significantly. It says to apply the product evenly covering the area to be protected – typically ½ a teaspoon for your face, 1 teaspoon for each arm, slightly more for each leg and 2 teaspoons full for the back and 2 teaspoons full for the chest and let it dry and to re-apply every 1-2 hours to maintain protection. When the lotion comes out it is quite thick and not completely smooth –  however when you massage it into your skin it goes in really easily.  

I used it on my arms, face and neck when it was over 30 degrees outside (almost unheard of in the UK). The lotion is slightly sticky when you first put it on and does make your skin slightly white but both the stickiness and whiteness go after it has all been absorbed. I also made sure to re-apply the product every 2 hours but I was still pleasantly surprised with how good it was. I obviously wasn’t in the direct sun for the whole day but I was in it long enough that my skin felt hot to the touch – yet I wasn’t red or burning. 

It says on the website that this Sun Lotion has been fully tested according to medical standards and is supplied to the NHS as well as many local authorities. It also has great water resistance properties and continued to provide protection against the sun even after two separate 20 minute dips in the pool (as stated on their website – not tested by me)!

This is also one of just 7 sun creams that can be prescribed by Doctors for those with medical skin conditions. 

The Delph Sun Block Lotion SPF 50 is made by Fenton Pharmaceuticals and they also do a variety of other products including SPF15, SPF30 sun block lotion as well as an After Sun Lotion and an After Sun Gel.

I do think there are some Sun Block Lotions out there which smell slightly nicer and are less sticky when you put them on. But the most important thing for Sun Block Lotion is that it does its job – which is to help absorb or reflect some of the sun’s ultraviolet rays so that we are protected against sunburn and hopefully less likely to get skin cancer. This Sun Block Lotion does that (and has been tested to medical standards!) so I will absolutely continue using this Sun Block Lotion and would definitely recommend it for anyone that wants high protection from the sun.

Rating: 5/5 

RRP: £4.99 (although is on offer at £3.59 at the moment)

This product can be purchased from Weldricks Pharmacy here

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