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Confident Game Review


Reviewed by Jo Hardy

So the weather is great and we are all getting together again. Many people have created outdoor living space in their gardens or taken up camping and it’s the perfect time to try a new game.

The Confident? game is suitable for ages 11 and above. The box contains 200 hundred question cards, 6 dry-wipe pens, 6 dry-wipe answer boards, 1 dry-wipe scoreboard and 1 dry-wipe scribble board.

You can play as individuals or in teams so will suit most group sizes. All each person or group needs to play is a dry-wipe pen and board. You need one person to be the scorekeeper. This can be someone who is also a player. They will also need the dry-wipe scoreboard. The rules are very simple so it’s very easy to learn and play. The question is read out, all the answers are numerical and the players have to choose a number for the top of the range then a number for the bottom of the range you then subtract the bottom number from the top number to give the size of your range. For example one question is the worlds first speeding ticket was issued to a motorist driving at what speed? you may think it would be between 20 and 40 miles per hour that would make your range 20. You score points if the answer falls anywhere between your top and bottom range or the answer matches your top or bottom range. The step by step instructions are very clear and make it easy to understand. In case you were wondering the answer to the question is 8 miles per hour (I was miles out). In 1896, Walter Arnold was hurtling through Kent at four times the speed limit and was fined a shilling after a five mile chase by a constable on a bike.

The questions were very wide ranging and all provided a little extra information with the answer. Even those who didn’t have any idea could have a good guess and a fair chance of getting points, making it ideal for a mixed age group of people. Once you get the hang of it you can introduce other elements and there are other variants of the game explained in the instructions.

The things I really liked about this game were, it is an English version, it is very quick to learn and play and you don’t have to sit around a table to play it , we all sat in little groups in the garden and it worked perfectly. The only little problem we had was keeping the lids on the pens, they fell off very easily.

We usually get together at Christmas to play board games but last Christmas was not your usual Christmas and because of shielding and isolating we couldn’t do this so it was really lovely to get together in the garden on a summer afternoon to play a game togethe. There was all  the usual arguments, competitiveness and laughs and it felt so good. . 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £22.99

The game can be purchased from priced at £19.99 here. (editor’s note – at the time of putting the review online)

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