BAO Nourish Urself Balm Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Boden

This product arrived at the perfect time, after being unwell for a few days my skin had really taken a hit and was feeling dull and dry, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to trial a new skin product.

I’ve always had an interest in beauty products, but since Covid and the lack of opportunities to treat myself, I find that I am always on the look out for a new skin product as a treat to myself.

I received a 60ml product which was presented in a glass jar with an aluminium lid (great as it can be reused or recycled once the product is finished) and I found the packaging simple and chic. One thing I was impressed with was that the packaging gives plenty of information about the product within, without being overly busy. I was really pleased that the product was organic and vegan friendly – I always look for cruelty free products and its great to find such a high quality, new product which upholds these values.

I had presumed that the Nourish Urself Balm was a moisturiser, but I had not realised that as a balm, it contained no water, meaning it was super hydrating and could also be used as a cleanser and make up remover for a double hit of wonderfulness!

As mentioned, my skin had been left dull and dry from a recent illness and was definitely in need of a boost, so I decided to use the balm as both a cleanser and moisturiser as directed by the product packaging.

The balm itself was rich but not too heavy and I definitely got the impression that it was a high-quality product. I followed the instructions and used a small amount initially as a cleanser, allowing the product to warm up in my hands before applying. I then removed the excess product with a warm damp cloth, before applying a fresh layer of balm to the areas which were especially dry. I was really pleased with the feel of the balm, it claimed to calm and help areas of dry skin and improve fine lines. I do have sensitive skin and sometimes find even products aimed at sensitive skin, especially fragranced products, can cause discomfort, however I found the Nourish Urself balm to have a light aromatic fragrance which was not over powering and did not irritate my skin in any way. The product claimed it was scented with Frankincense and although I honestly can’t say that I wouldn’t have known this was the fragrance, I can say I found it very appealing and found it comforting and relaxing, perfect for applying before bedtime.

I do also find that my skin can be spot prone, but I can honestly say that I did not experience any increase in spots as a result of using this product, which I was really pleased about as it is always a worry for me each time I try a new product, I end up wondering if it will leave me with a break out of spots in a day or two so this was a pleasant surprise.

After using the product in this way for a couple of days, I could see the difference in my skin, it was starting to look brighter, definitely felt softer and my fine lines and pores were definitely less obvious – I can’t wait to see how my skin will continue to improve with future use.

From taking a look at the Bao website, it was great to read so many of the benefits of this product which supports my own findings about this product too. I was also pleased to read that the product is suitable to calm eczema, which other members of the household are affected by, so they will definitely also be trying this product. The feel of the product also means I would be happy to use this product on my children as it feels really kind and packed with natural ingredients and I found a few great tips for example keeping the balm in the fridge during hot, summer days to ensure it stays in great condition.

I would be thrilled to receive this as a gift and will definitely buy this again in the future. I was so pleased with the quality of the product; I will also be trying some of the other products from the BAO range. It has been great to find a new product range which is natural and cruelty free which suits so many different skin types at the price point – I definitely look forward to trying more of the range.

Rating: I would rate this product 5/5 stars

RRP: £19.00

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