Beauty Pro Restore and Renew Set Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Boden

I was really excited to receive the Beauty Pro Restore and Renew set to review. I’ve always enjoyed testing out new skin care products and since not being able to get out to the salon for facials during the Covid lockdowns, I am always on the lookout for excellent quality Do-It-Yourself home pamper treatments, in fact it has become an important part of my wellbeing routine, helping me to get through some of the challenges of the last few months and as we come into summer and with the easing of Covid restrictions, we are all starting to have outings and activities planned, which leaves us wanting to look our best, so I was thrilled to be able to trial the Restore and Renew set to help ensure my skin was in tip top condition for the activities ahead.

It felt like the Beauty Pro Restore and Renew set was a really indulgent treat, a bit like having a bespoke spa session at home and I was spoiled for choice as to where to begin with the range of product included. Within the set were three sheet masks (a nourishing collagen mask, a rejuvenating sheet mask and a detoxifying, bubbling cleansing mask), an activated charcoal, peel off cleansing mask and eye therapy under eye mask so there really was something for everyone. Each treatment takes between 10-15 minutes, so perfect for a quick pick me up or as part of a relaxing evening at home. I started off by trying the rejuvenating sheet mask with collagen, seaweed and green tea. It felt really indulgent to have the choice of a range of at home treatments but for a fraction of the cost and available at any time that was convenient for me. I also treated my teenage daughter to the peel off mask. We were both thrilled by the quality of the products we had tested. Just as promised my skin felt rejuvenated and refreshed and appeared bright. The Black Peel off mask left my daughters teenage skin glowing and her pores unclogged just as promised. I followed my treatment with the eye therapy under eye mask, which was the perfect compliment for the rejuvenating sheet mask and my under eye area looked smoother and brighter, definitely what was called for after the months of lockdown. Over the following week I tested the remaining masks. My skin can be sensitive or spot prone, however I found that all the masks really suited my skin and caused no irritation and each one added something different to enhance my skin care routine.

Taking a look at the website I was really pleased to read that the Beauty Pro product ranges are cruelty free and have a focus on sustainability. It is great to find high quality products which have a strong ethical stance.

This product is great as a treat for yourself or anyone who has an interest in skin care products who deserves a bit of a treat or perhaps to prepare your skin for the summer months or an upcoming holiday. It could also be a great gift for someone who deserves a bit of pampering at home. I will definitely be buying this product again for myself as a treat and I think it would be a great gift for a friend or family member. The packaging is high quality and very summery looking, definitely putting me in the mood for a pre-summer pamper.

Rating: I would rate the Beauty Pro Restore and Renew set as 4.5/5 stars.

RRP: £16.00

This product can be purchased from Beautypro here.

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