Tilley T1 Iconic Bucket Hat Review


Reviewed by Laura S

With the summer finally here after a slow start this year, now is the time to be thinking of summer fashion.   In my younger years, summer fashion emphasised clothing and usually inappropriate footwear, but as I’ve become wiser, having a summer hat has been the must-have accessory.

I love bucket hats because not only do they look great on, they also offer excellent protection from the sun. 

The Tilley T1 is an iconic bucket hat that is suitable for both males and females. The Tilley T1 is superior to the other bucket hats I have previously purchased or seen on sale for many reasons. 

Firstly, the T1 doesn’t come in the standard S/M or M/L size like many hats available on the high street, and it has been hit and miss on whether or not it will fit your head correctly. Tilley has an exact hat sizing method to find your perfect size. It is effortless and takes only a few seconds to find your hat size. With a tape measure, you measure the circumference of your head so that the bottom of the tape touches the top of your eyebrows. You then enter the measurement into the Tilley hat converter on their website to give you the size you need. 

Secondly, there are over ten different colours to chose from—a colour to match every taste and outfit. 

Thirdly, the T1 is rated UPF 50+, which in my option, is a must-have. Sun safety is a priority. 

As well the reasons mentioned above, the Tilley T1 also includes:

  • a guarantee for life
  • has a hidden pocket in the top
  • has durable water repellent finish
  • Is buoyant 
  • an adjustable wind cord 
  • and is made in Canada

I was a little sceptical about whether the size I requested would fit, but to my delight, it was a perfect fit. The hat felt lightweight and comfortable. Within a few minutes, I had forgotten I was wearing it. 

I put the T1 to the test by wearing it to a two day outside event during the heatwave, in which it was worn for 9 hours per day. 

I felt protected from the sun and comfortable throughout both days. My head didn’t become too hot or sweaty. I’m pleased to report that the wide brim & UPF50 meant that I did not suffer from sunburn on my face or back of my neck. 

I used the hidden pocket at the top to store money. The money was securely kept.

There are over ten different colours to chose from. A colour to suit everyone and everyone’s taste. 

I received the navy hat, which looked very smart and chic on with a range of outfits including shorts, skirts and dresses. Whilst wearing the hat, I have received many compliments. Including a Canadian person who was impressed I had a Tilley hat. 

The Tilley T1 has an RRP of £70. This does seem like a large sum to spend on a hat, but it is 100% worth it. The T1 is such high quality and has tons of fantastic features that other hats do not provide. With the T1, I know it will last for many years and, in the long run, will save money as you won’t need to buy a new hat every summer like with inferior quality hats. 

Rating: Overall I rate the Tilley T1 Iconic Bucket Fat 5/5

RRP: £70.00

This product can be purchased from the Tilley website here.

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