Heura Burgers Review


Reviewed by Michelle

I was excited to receive these as I enjoy eating a lot of vegetarian foods.  The packaging was bright and clean to look at and the product looked attractive.  The yellow and black working made it easy to read the information, ingredients and instructions for cooking.

I particularly like the fact that there are no artificial preservatives and that it is low in saturated fat. Having taken a quick look at their website, I can see that their ethos is all about sustainability, lowering emissions and animal welfare which I fully support.  I also like the message that is encouraging people to eat less meat and more plant based foods.

I prepared them by putting a spoonful of olive oil in a medium sized pan. They appeared to be well shaped, they looked like a nice consistency and they also looked moist and not at all dry.  

The colour looked good and exactly like you expect a beef burger to be.  I put them into the pan once the oil had heated.  They sizzled away nicely and didn’t stick to the pan.  I waited for a couple of minutes (as per the instructions) and then turned them.  They were starting to go a lovely golden colour.  Again, I waited another couple of minutes before turning them again.  I repeated this every two minutes.  The instructions say to cook them for 8 minutes, this was about right as I ended up frying them for around 9 minutes.  They looked caramalised and that they had been cooked well and correctly.  I noticed that they did not shrink at all and were still a nice rounded shape which was good.  They also retained their form. No bits had fallen off or had crumbled away.

I served them onto my plate along with a burger bun, some salad leaves, sliced tomato, a cheese slice, gherkin and tomato sauce.  You would never know the difference between this veggie burger and a normal meat burger!

I bit into it.  It was moist and not at all dry – amazing!  The initial texture was pretty good, it was not sloppy of slimy and I would say that there was enough bite to it.  The flavour was good.  I could taste the seasoning used which I feel was important.  

I did end up putting on a little bit of salt to add extra flavour.  I am not sure that everyone would want to do that, I guess it depends upon ones taste preferences.  I might also suggest a little more kick to them (not a criticism) but just to make the flavour a little bit richer maybe?  All this said, I thoroughly enjoyed eating them and I would probably say that I enjoyed my burger as much as a normal beef burger so it’s a ‘win win’!

 I will definitely try them on the BBQ next time to see how they fare!  

Rating: 5/5

RRP: A great price for a 220g pack of 2 for just £3.43 and if you sign up, you get 10% discount.

They can be found at Planet Organic and the link to their website is here.

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